Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis on Forward Racing engine lease plan: "They can choose to run an FTR chassis or the chassis that we will make available We will supply with all the advice they need to develop a chassis and for the first season only we will make available some Yamaha standard chassis and swingarm and we are waiting to hear their requirement. They will have the most important elements to develop the bike we think it will speed up the process. We understand the team will have a contract with FTR and we will support FTR in supplying them data and information. We will not supply all the components so the team will have to develop its own airbox, fuel tank and fairing. They have to buy their own wheels and suspension. Our intention for this project is not to supply six M1s. Our intention is to provide an alternative where you can have a chassis manufacturer that will have a quick engine and they develop their own bike. This could develop a whole new future but we realise right now that we are nearly in August and to develop a bike to be ready is not an easy task, so in order to help that team speed up that process we will make available our chassis.”

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