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18th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

This was posted this afternoon to a Berkeley Hills e-mail list that I'm on.

"Hello All,
My name is [REDACTED] and I live on [REDACTED]. My 20 year old son is on temporary leave from the military until mid August, and is working a part time job in San Francisco. Each morning he walks down to Bart between 4:30 and 6:00 am, and he often walks back home up the hill between 10:00 pm and Midnight. He has indicated to me that on a few occasions neighbors have monitored his movements quite closely, he assumes in an effort to make sure he has legitimate business in the neighborhood, which is understandable. My son is a Black male, and in light of what took place in Florida I feel it is incumbent upon me as his mother to advise my neighbors that his name is [REDACTED], and that he is simply walking to and from work. If you say “Good morning [REDACTED]” I assure you he will respond with “Good Morning Ma’am” or “Good Morning Sir”.
Thank you for your time and understanding."

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