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14th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

[FA Trans] Jul.14 8am SBS Ingigayo pre-recording.

As we entered, CNBLUE were on the stage. Yonghwa flew kisses to us with both hands.
Jungshin told us that he appreciated us for coming that early morning.
It was full band live performance, very good.
During sound checking, Jonghyun played 'Greedy man' guitar solo. Maybe they are practicing for Japan tour.
Yonghwa's in-ear piece seemed to have problem, he furrowed his brow and talked to staffs for long time. He put away his in-ear piece at 1st filming and later he put it on again.
Jonghyun concentrated on guitar, played passionately. He used a fan to cool off checking monitor. During the last performance, it seemed something was wrong, he smiled cutely then played the guitar passionately.
At the back, Minhyuk was playing drums hard, his all-back hair looked cool. His face looked even smaller.
When the song was over each time, they all put off jacket and used fans to cool off. Their jackets were thick, looked very hot. Jungshin was wearing a trench coat and leopard scarf. Yonghwa was wearing a leather jacket and black shirt.
Yonghwa said, "Jungshin is leading the season. He already wore autumn clothes." Each time Yonghwa had to modify his makeup. During he had his makeup modified, he sang, "Ah Ah~ I'm sorry!!" So cute.
After the last performance, Yonghwa shook his head. (means he felt hot) After the recording, they all put off jacket and greeted to fans.
Yonghwa said, "When you watch TV, count how many times I shouted 'Sorijileo' ". He gave us homework.

Jonghyun seemed not well yet. Actually he was spotted at a hospital on Thursday(Jul.11)

At the main show, Jungshin didn't come. So Yonghwa and Minhhyuk danced the I'm sorry cross dance. Jonghyun was just standing beside them following them awkwardly. He looked brighter than in the morning.

FA cr: DC CNBLUE gallary.

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