Hello to all the members of the Tekken fan community out there! We have a very important and quite exciting event to announce.
TEKKEN REVOLUTION, our new free-to-play title for the PlayStation®3, has proved to be quite popular with the fans so we decided to unique and add some all new characters!
What do we mean by ‘unique new characters’? These are characters that existed previously in our undisclosed story setting materials, but have never made it into the game, or other unique ideas for characters that were proposed but never actually created. None of these characters have ever been playable in the series.
So, there are a few concepts, but it is not yet decided which ones we will actually make.

*Characters that are already planned to be released later in the series, obviously are not included in this list.

This event is a fan service project to allow everyone to take part in the process to decide which characters will make it into Tekken Revolution and to come up with something really unique!


1) The character concepts will be narrowed down to 3 by conducting a poll on the Facebook Tekken page. Anyone can vote, so make your vote count!
2) The Tekken development team will create character concept sketches for each of the three chosen characters.
3) The character concept will be chosen at the Fighting Panel at San Diego ComiCon on July 19th at 3pm by the audience and Tekken God, Harada-san(Twitter@Harada_TEKKEN). The method of selection will be a final vote, and discussion with members of the development team. We hope that the most vocal Tekken fanatics will show up to the panel. It’s your chance to speak your opinions directly to the development team!
4) Development of the chosen character will begin.
5) Release of chosen character in Tekken Revolution (timing of release is TBD, as the difficulty in development of the character depends on the concept chosen)
6) If the character proves to be popular after release, the chances of additional appearances in the Tekken series will increase!

Please read the character concept descriptions provided at the link below and vote for ONE character that you would like to see in Tekken Revolution.

[STEP 1 Read the link below]

(ENGLISH) http://tekken-revolution.bngames.net/chara/en.php
(JAPANESE) http://tekken-revolution.bngames.net/chara/jp.php

[STEP 2 Select ONE character from the ten characters below]


!!!--- Disclaimer ---!!!
*Any tampering with votes will cause those votes to become void.
** All votes from the same IP address and/or same account will only be counted as one vote.
*** No ideas character ideas created by fans are being accepted. Regardless of contract, this can only lead to future legal problems and we want to avoid that situation,

When voting for a concept, please use your imagination based on the text provided, as your opinion could be swayed by the artwork alone, if it existed. Most of these characters have never had a sketch created.

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