ENG – Fanacc Chamonix Mont-Blanc 130710 by Minh Vuong Ta

Learning that the 3 will come to Auberge de bois prin this morning I decide to go to the place too.
After researching the location I finally reached place, this Auberge is a 5-star hotel, looking out at Mont Blanc, with a very beautiful view
I got here around 9am, nobody is here yet, so I had plenty of time to sit and take scenery picture until around 10am a car convoy arrived. I pretend to buy a drink so I could discover new info :)))
A whole group spoke all Korean while some of the staff climbed up to the roof to prepare the equipments. I asked the woman at the front desk (who happened to be Korean also) who said she doesn’t know who these people are but that they were the same people from yesterday, therefore I was certain they were the 3 boys already:)))
2 hours later, a big RV arrived, the kind of vehicle with a bathroom, a bedroom, like a mobile home type, I later realize it was their RV. Around 12pm I saw some suspicious figures appear on top of the building, it’s JJ wearing dark blue clothes, from the shoulder and up is red. He was posing until it was too sunny and then went to squeeze behind the chimney, the staff immediately bringing over an umbrella to cover him. A little later, the young pair YooSu showed up.
During the photoshoot JJ stood in the middle, Chun and Su on his 2 sides. Chun and Su’s hairs were dark therefore JJ’s brown hair stood out the most :v
The moods of the 3 friends were upbeat, Su was energetic singing and fidgeting around :)))
After a while, Su kept being restless, change sitting position the next moment after sitting in one posture, probably because his butt was sore sitting on the roof. After he couldn’t handle it anymore and stood up holding his butt, YC saw this and tried help reaching out his hand to massage JS’s butt :))) From a distance away I stood cracking up at the sight of the younger ones flirting and wonder what the group of staff was thinking :)))
During break time Su got very excited looking at people skydiving out in the distance, so talkative, YC saw this, and afterwards came to ask the staff to explain about it, the jumping motions, how to wear the safety helmet, he seem to be really interested. During this time JJ sat playing with his phone.
During the photoshoot JJ suddenly shouted out Yoochun ah, @$-%+&((#?"/; ( after this [experience] I really want to learn Korean~)
Next Su came out separately to do his solo shoot while the soulmate pair moved away carrying an umbrella to sit in a corner and talk privately.
After finishing the shoot Chun and Jae went into the elevator reserved for emergency personnel, I stood up to try to approach them, during which JJ was headed in my direction where I was standing, with Chun and 1 staff hyung following behind him, the 3 people wore baseball mitts.
I stood watching them for a while, then decided to get closer, to 3 meters away from JJ, turning to the staff hyung, and ask if it was okay for me to do that. He approached seeing me giving me a pen and a postcard to autograph, he made sure that I wrote down my name [on the postcard]. After this, turning over to JJ and YC, first Jae started signing next to my name, once done he gave it to Chun to sign.
My face was stunned for a second before saying out loud Kamsamida to which JJ mimicked back :))) his voice was very lovely, while YC just look at me and smiling. I was in a trance being stared at by YC. I was laughing at myself like a fool all the way back to the hotel. The only regret is it’s too bad Su snuck away instead of showing his face :<

I was surprised about me getting to admire them for 2 hours just me being there alone, without being told to leave, by the security staffs, nor being in a crowd =p~. Especially since I got to see these 3 boys in their real natural state :)))
Yesterday, I read the fanaccount from a Japanese friend, saying that when she tried to meet Chun the staff tried to guard her, making her so scared and chased away.
I was lucky that staff who walked around the area but did not say anything. It’s a good thing that I always said hi to whoever came across me. Later, a female staff with a very cold face was making a phone call behind me, and next she said excuse to me because she is bending down to shoo away a small bug on my foot :o I was touched~ :))))) Later she even showed me where to sit under the tree’s shade so I could be closer to them :))) my notions against the staff is gone. The staff also spoke French fluently, with a good accent. I should have stayed until the 14th so I stalked them some more,
Arriving to the hotel, I’m still in shock and in awe. It was worth sitting for more than 5 hours up there, I’d rather do that than go to a concert. I don’t have to be in the crowd shoulder-to-shoulder. I hope that the 3 keep continuing to come to isolated and secluded locations just like this time :))))

Credit to Minh Vuong Ta (https://www.facebook.com/notes/minh-vuong-ta/fanacc-chamonix-mont-blanc-130710/10151704166903958)

Translated by @tarwennie

Cảm ơn Minh Vuong Ta(@minhvuongta) cho chị translate fanacc này!

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