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11th Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

Thanks to everyone for their patience this afternoon. I just want to end my thread by explaining why I couldn't stop responding to @page88 & her column "Why I Am A Creationist." (via TwitLonger) See, I was an English major in college, where I was exposed abundantly to the sort of "everything is a text" talk that Heffernan indulged in today. I now see great value in looking at the rhetorical structure of science, but I came to realize that to a lot of people, it became a way to not really have a stake in anything. I have my belief, and you have yours. We can all get along in our own little belief bubbles. Even when it comes to science. And then the creationists grabbed onto this & said, "We look at the same evidence & see it differently." That is not true. And we have ways of demonstrating that. Creationism--be it young Earth or Foucaultian or aesthetic--doesn't lead us to appreciate the world. Evolutionary insights let us see marvels in bumblebees (my own obsession today) and the rest of nature. This principle applies to medicine--see the alternate reality of anti-vaxxers--and many other areas. Heffernan's column is not very important in itself, but it speaks to broader attitude that is worth taking on. Her tweets today helped to make this all the more clear--I hope.

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