[Trans] 130710 CJeS notice


This is CJeS representative Baek Changju.

Yesterday our dispute of business consultation with LOEN entertainment has been amicably resolved. Yesterday evening, LOEN executives met up with our representatives and in due course, we received the official position to move forward with all promotional marketing activities as well as the online and offline distribution of XIA (Junsu) 2nd album.

In the meantime, with many fans hoping that XIA (Junsu) showcase will be broadcasted live to the world via Melon TV, LOEN was able to keep their promise to their customers. As promotions for XIA (Junsu) 2nd album has normalized, we will be able to show a fair stage for people who love music.

The director and the media planning team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for sending us a lot of public support with each of the issues raised.

We will repay with a variety of activities upon the release of XIA (Junsu) 2nd album and the Asia tour.

Source: http://www.c-jes.com/ko/news/detail.asp?document_no=176&seq=562&searchType=&searchStr=

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