In the past two weeks we started to notice a pattern with who Niall chose to follow and how they gained their follow. After a long time of researching, and gathering proof we came up with the conclusion that Niall's account is being hacked.

We are 100% sure that Niall's account is hacked, which makes it important that you read this and help us take action. Before we start we want to state that twitter user JasmineOrigin (previously MalikOrigin) is Niall's hacker, or at least one of them.

To begin, JasmineOrigin has been sending Direct Messages to herself from Niall's account, and to other unsuspecting fans as well. Niall should be asked if he ever replied to these DM's.


Secondly, another piece of proof is that on the morning of June 28th (8am EST for Niall), Niall followed about 20 people. Now what do all of these people have in common? All of them were either in a mutual with JasmineOrigin or tweeted her publicly asking her to dm their name to Niall just prior to "him" following them. Then a few hours later (at 11am EST), Niall tweeted about how he just woke up. Strange right? Now either he woke up at 8am to follow people then went back to sleep for three hours, or it was not him following people that morning.

Niall's tweet as it got sent to my phone:

As of now, that tweet is now deleted. Whether it was by Niall for strange reasons or it was by JasmineOrigin as she did not want anyone to suspect that it wasn't Niall following people that morning, it is now gone.

The tweet was between these two tweets:

Thirdly, when I, (@callalilyniall) was asked if I wanted a free account with a Niall follow (@niallrequested), the person who gave me the account refused to tell me who they were. Soon after receiving the account, I took a peek at the direct messages and saw that a girl asked the previous owner if there was any way that they could keep in contact. I managed the save the account before the previous owner deleted the message. Less than 24 hours later, my Niall follow was blocked.
(you can read about that in this twitlonger:
Through further research I later found out that the person who gave me the account and hacked it was JasmineOrigin.

To add on, my friend sent me this DM telling me of how she suspects that JasmineOrigin tried to hack her.


We know for a fact that JasmineOrigin is the hacker because "Niall" only follows people people she dms him to, even though he currently follows over 4000 other fans. 'He's' followed more than 40 fans in the past week and all of those follows had a connection with Jasmine.

In addition, when Niall tweeted goodnight on June 27th...


A few hours later the hacker got on during the middle of the night and followed more fans. This person following could not have been Niall as he tweeted goodnight hours before, and why would he have a sudden urge to get up during the middle of the night to follow fans when the next day he was supposed to be recording for the third album?

Lastly, we tested out our theory by asking JasmineOrigin to dm someone's name to Niall. She replied back saying okay and the next thing we knew 'Niall' followed the person in question.


UPDATE: July 4th.

Finally, a few hours ago JasmineOrigin tweeted 'Niall's the best', and within minutes, the account was favourited by NiallOfficial.

JasmineOrigin 'discovering' that 'Niall' favourited her tweet.

Her tweet as it appeared in Niall's favourites.


UPDATE: July 8th.

Two hours ago JasmineOrigin posted a screenshot as proof that she dm'd a twitter user's name to Niall. In the screenshot you can see that Niall sent her two dms: one a reply, and the second him promising to follow the person who she asked him to. A few minutes later, Niall followed xoxo__heather.


Also, in the following picture you can see that fratniall talks about how Niall only see JasmineOrigin's dms and how she wishes that JasmineOrigin could help her get a follow. Twenty minutes later Niall followed fratniall.




This morning 'Niall' unfollowed @calumshoran and her friend @xoroby (now @NiallOnicial). Before 'he' unfollowed them the two girls were growing suspicious of JasmineOrigin and began tweeting her and indirecting her. Around 3:00am (EST) JasmineOrigin was tweeting and clearly indirecting the two girls for outing her.


You can see how JasmineOrigin tweeted about "not messing with her" and how she claims that she "doesn't make Niall do anything, she asks him". Niall would NEVER unfollow a fan especially when they did nothing wrong. If by now you still don't believe that JasmineOrigin is hacking Niall I'm praying for you.

It is not a coincidence that Niall follows everyone JasmineOrigin asks him to, DM's her, favourites her tweets, and 'unfollows' whoever she asks. It is not about the follows and direct messages, but this hacker has access to Niall's dms, which can include personal info his friends dm him, phone numbers, and even whereabouts. Niall's account is at risk and we need to put a stop to this. It's devastating that she even has the ability to take away someone's follow, and believe it or not, follows mean a lot to people, it's almost like ripping a piece of your heart out.

I sent the original twitlonger to Johannah (Louis' mom) about two weeks ago and she read it and told me that she would speak to Niall that night (the boys were back in the UK for a quick visit when she sent this). I also sent the twitlonger to Cal Aurand who is also on tour with the boys right now. I have no clue if any of them have seen it or have said anything to Niall about it but it's important that this gets around.


If you are part of One Direction's management team or have close connections, please assist us in showing this to Niall and a member of their management team who can deal with this. Niall needs to be made aware of the situation at hand so that he can secure his account. It is not fair that he has to go through all of this without realizing what is going on.

Since @callalilyniall's Niall follow was blocked on her other account, it would mean the world to her if Niall could refollow her this time on her account ( @callalilyniall ). It's only fair that Niall also refollows the two girls who were wrongly unfollowed: @calumshoran and @NiallOnicial.

It would also mean so much to us if the boys could follow us on our accounts @suedeharry and @callalilyniall- but that might be asking for too much! We worked hard to compile all this proof and information into one twitlonger so we hope that the boys appreciate us and can acknowledge us for all that we have done.

(fyi im at home typing this up right now when i should be in toronto trying to meet the boys but things never work out the way you want them to).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you help us put an end to this.


@suedeharry & @callalilyniall :)

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