Yesterday, I had a 12 hour shoot, starting at 6am. I told everyone I had a fever, sore throat, headache, and nausea. I arrived at the shoot, on time, and was as professional as one would be expected to be. I tried to take medicine, but because of my nausea I had nothing on my stomach, so in the middle of a take I had to run off set and throw up. I went back on set and heard someone say, condescendingly, "so how's that cold, eh?" I was shocked. Turns out every crew member was told I had a "little cold". No one, not even the set MEDIC, took my temperature. Ariana kept telling everyone how sick I was but it seemed no one heard. Finally, my sweet makeup artist Patti asked the medic to take my temperature. BUT THE MEDIC DIDN'T HAVE A THERMOMETER. So she went to the store and got one, came back and my temp was, wait for it... 103!!! Suddenly, everyone was involved. A doctor came to the set and found out I have, as he worded it, "extremely severe strep throat" that had been in my body for days and needed to be treated immediately. I was ashamed to be scoffed at and made to feel like a diva for expressing my unwellness. Some of my friends have had very similar situations. It is unfair and downright mean that these people treat illness of their talent so cavalierly. Honestly, if not for a few people that truly care about me (Ariana and Patti) I would probably be in the hospital right now. And that's really scary to think about. If any of you out there feel unwell and people are not treating you with the respect and care that you NEED, be sure that you stick up for yourself and demand that they do. Unfortunately, we don't all have Ariana's and Patti's to take care of us. So take care of yourself.

Thanks for reading. :)

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