Hello peeps!

I mentioned yesterday that I am close to 700 followers, psyched!!! I'd like to do something special to say THANKS to YOU wonderful friends, who really make Twitter the great social media platform that I love. Yeah, I know, I just said I love Twitter- but I do!

So, I was thinking about a "collective gift." I have mentors, all stars, story tellers and do-it-all followers who inspire me and I know could inspire others. I thought each could contribute "something" for this collaborative effort. Because, after all, to me Twitter is a collaboration (of good/bad/funny/newsy/etc information).

How it works: If you've written a book-send it! If you made a really cool card as a hobby-send it! If you're a food business with a packable product-send it! If you have a new CD out-send it! If you made an awesome graphic you can print-send it! If you have a favorite candy-send it! The point here is to send a "something" special to celebrate a fellow Twitter peep!

You can DM me to get my personal address for shipping. I will photograph and mention *every* *single* *item* that comes through my door and join all of the goodies to ship OUR "collective gift" to one of my 700 followers. The lucky peep will be chosen by adding my follower's names into an excel sheet and selecting one at random; it can be my first follower of my 599th, for example. I will pay to ship the gift to anywhere this lucky peep happens to be.

That's it! What do you think? Can we join in and bring our digital bonds to the real world?! This is a thank you effort and a social experiment. Perhaps we've never met in real life, but we're connected in our digital lives and I believe we can expand this connection one small step at a time :)

Alright, send it!

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