130630 Various tweets fanaccount from JYJ Korean Fanmeeting

Boom treats JS a lot like the maknae. He teases him calling JaeChun as the hyungs.

JYJ looked at their questions and since it was pretty hard to guess (what the fans drew) they asked what it was and said it was well drawn. Seeing that, Boom said there was no need to draw up to that extent.

At the tongue twisting game, JS looked at the screen while talking and came closer but it won't make him talk faster this way, right?

Boom: Does Junsu resemble his mother or his father?
Fans: Chick~~~~! (T/N baby chicken)

JJ said his hobby actually was finding youth, meaning not moving his body as much as possible, so Boom said it was more like rest and recuperation instead.

Today, Park Sungwoong ajuhssi was pretty daebak lol JJ had to make him say 'pretty flower boy' with his explanation of 'a good-looking guy like me' and immediately he replied 'Youngwoong Jaejoong', 'Youngwoongie', 'Youngwoong'.

When JS was about to give his cherished gift, he pretended to take out his belt and burst out of laughing.

JS's dice kept showing the number "2". It showed up 3 times and JS was like 'I did it on purpose!" so he tried not to have another "2" and let it just fall but he ended up getting a "2" again.

When asked which award ('sang') was the most memorable, JJ joked and said 'Gyaru-sang'(T/N 'Gyaru-san' is a comic character in a famous corner of Gag Concert).

Boom asked when the JYJ 'group' concert will be and they said they were planning one for the end of this year but didn't know if it'll work out, only planning not confirming as they don't know what can happen then so they said they couldn't tell precisely T_T

When YC was taking up his call, he didn't know how to say '8 ratio life-sized (body)' so fans told him 'visual! visual!' so JaeSu looked at the fans with round eyes pointing fingers at them and their lips were like saying 'why did you guys tell him?!' with their lips.

Pretty Jihyo's ringtone is "I Dislike/Hate Love" so JS said he was moved and JaeChun and the fans all went "Oh~~~~".

When playing the speed quiz game by connecting calls, JJ called actor Park Sungwoong and they got a dull score. JS called Jihyo and told her Sungwoong hyung got not much of a score and Jihyo asked 'The one who called was JJ, right?' and she wasn't even there.

Quiz time where JYJ have to guess what the fans drew before the event. The answer was "gene" and JaeChun were both drawn as a face and JS as a chick (T/N baby chicken). As soon as they saw their drawings, everyone burst out of laughing and Boom asked if JS was drawn as a duck.
JS kept copying JJ and when Boom told him he musn't do that, JS said he just got the rules only now.
The answer is "gene" and JS said he won't copy but ended up writing "moojunja" (instead of "yoojunja",the correct answer).

JJ said something weird so YC told Boom "JJ is really weird. So weird~~" and his facial expression (T/N Chunface) was daebak.

After the final greeting, just before the last song, JJ said there might be an encore. And when singing, he asked the fans to stand up but they didn't so he asked again telling fans to sweat too.

When YC talks on the phone with hyungs, he has the same tone as with Soondol hyung (T/N his servant in his drama SungKyunKwan Scandal). He keeps saying "hyungnim! hyungnim!" with a cute voice.

Before solo stage, JaeChun asked the fans if they knew what the next stage will be so they replied "Yes~~~!" and JJ wondered 'How do they know?' so YC said 'They must have seen it on the internet'.

YC's chair wasn't working well so it went down and JJ matched his chair with his soulmate as a good hyungnim he is but JS kept staying up all on his own.

When JS was preparing for his Uncommited stage, JaeChun asked the fans if they felt hot. Since the fans were fanning themselves a lot, they asked them to fan them only for 5 times. JJ said he didn't feel anything while YC said he still felt a little bit of wind.

(T/N: I didn't translate what was already said by other translaters ^^')

Translated by Sheena

Source: http://eyemoon229.tistory.com/1894

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