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1st Jul 2013 from TwitLonger

Driving back home today from Adam Lambert’s fantastic concert at Universal Orlando last night, I kept feeling my face break out into huge smiles. The usual days-long euphoria I feel post-show was bolstered by something else. My mind kept replaying, not just the many outstanding “Adam”show moments, but also some enduring impressions of the audience. Perhaps I was more sensitive to the audience reaction as this was the first full show Adam has done in my home state since the GNT.

If you watch any of the videos, you will know what a fierce, high energy performance Adam gave. For those who couldn’t be there & might be interested, here are some personal observations of this special concert:

•Looking around the Music Plaza 2 hours pre-show and seeing families picnicking, teens lying on the grass glued to their phones, fans in wheelchairs already in an especially reserved viewing area. A teeming center section full of hardy, stalwart fans who had braved the heat, humidity and rain for hours. The air was full of quiet yet palpable anticipation.

•The sheer diversity of the crowd: from babes to grandparents, couples, families, groups of teens, all colors and orientations represented. Also, a lot of men, gay and straight. A babe (literally), in his grandfather’s arms, transfixed by Adam’s image on the jumbotron

•The group of 4 adorable mid-teen girls behind me, upon catching first sight of Adam on stage, exclaiming “OMG, he is so hot”. Later looking back over my shoulder when one gasped as Adam did a body roll and seeing her eyes open wide and her jaw drop. Yet another clutched at a friend, holding on for dear life.

•Immense exclamations and whoops of appreciation following Adam’s extraordinary glory notes.

•Loud audience applause once Adam announced his next song as WWFM and it becoming a crowd sing a long.

•Hugely resounding cheers erupting from the crowd when Adam delivered a short, heartfelt speech about equality for all in the aftermath of the Scotus DOMA and Prop 8 decisions.

•Uninhibited dancing from two older gentlemen while their wive’s heads bobbed in rhythm during Shady.

•Looking back over the crowd (I was around the middle of the Music Plaza), and seeing the area outside the barricades and the street FULL of people standing and watching the show.

•During the long walk exiting Universal, all I overheard were people talking about was Adam: “awesome”, “so worth it”, “incredible” “did you hear it when he…” "amazing".

I hope this has given an additional flavor to what you’ve seen in the videos. This Orlando concert will always be memorable for me and I am thrilled that Adam evidently perceived his well-deserved, ‘universal’ acclaim from the crowd by tweeting “Thank you Universal Studios Orlando! I had a great, sweaty time tonight! What a GREAT audience!!”

#LoveIsLove #EqualityForAll

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