one week left on my new album! and yes I've decided on the name :) and i'm now listening to heaven I am proud of that album and i am grateful to all the people , even those i no longer speak to that helped me to achieve what i did, everybody worked really hard and i am grateful also to my old management company they believed in me. i don't know maybe I've finally matured got nothing but love for all the people who i might have offended and hurt and who have also offended and hurt me, all about forgiveness baby life is so short, this album has been hard to make and i'm proud of it, i have such a good team sony are so good to me i really couldn't ask for a nicer team of people to work with, they look after me xx

people come into your life for seasons ,sometimes they are just there to teach you something and then they move on but I've learnt to be grateful to every person that has contributed in my life because at one point we shared happy memories xxx

on a lighter note have fun at glastooooooo xxxx

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