This from Facebook, writen by an irate Calgarian disgusted that all the harpers think about is photo ops. Please circulatre widely. Don't always believe what you see on TV! "Diane Fjaagesund says: 'Now my rant... PM Harper's wife was cleared to come through the area for a set up photo op. The city found a pile of garbage in a neighbour's yard and asked if they could help. I said it wasn't ours and to ask further down. The MLAs and the PM's wife formed and assembly line and made it look like they were hard at work... but it was all just a set up. One of the PR people came over to the pile of tools we were cleaning and just helped herself to a screw driver so Harpers wife looked like she was dismantling something. Didn't ask.. just took it. We were not the house they were helping... or pretending to help. My friend that lived there marched over and made his opinion's on the entire situation here, in High River and all other's affected well known and he got his screw driver back. He asked them where they were to help 3 to 4 days ago when they were knee deep in water. He said, "We don't need people down here for a photo op... we need help!" He asked repeatedly when our family and friends are going to be able to get into their homes in High River so we can help them clean up/save things. He stressed that we need to be out there now helping them clean up and not a week from now or two weeks from now when everything is gone and ruined because of disease, contamination and mould. Sue asked PM Harper's wife to kindly go check on the 95 yr old lady down the street that people were unwilling to help because her house was so bad(any volunteers that came by I sent her way). I am so proud of my friends for being who they are and speaking their minds to anyone... including the press, the Prime Minister's wife and the MLAs.'" #yycflood #selfishness #lies #cpc #PMHarperMustResign cc @stephenlautens @thomasmulcair @justintrudeau @elizabethmay

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