[Appeal C vs A]

- The court hearing was yesterday, June 26.
- A has appealed the court decision that c won.
- In the original case, c is the plaintiff and a is the defendant. SInce this is an appeal, the roles are reversed. a is the plaintiff and c is the defendant.
- Probability of the decision by the lower court to be overturned is low. If this appeal will be dismissed then it will be the end.

[Live update (at that time, lol)
- C lawyer appeared!
- A lawyer appeared]

- Next court hearing is on August 7, 11 am. There was a new claim from A. (Note: they can have a claim but no additional evidence can be submitted.) Rebuttal from C will happen on Aug 7. So hopefully we'll have a decision by then. There is also a possibility of settlement.
- The claim made by A was always rebutted by C. It is possible that the settlement amount may increase.
- The claim was submitted in writing so it was not clear what exactly is the claim

Info from: @lovejjkaorin

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