Have you ever thinking about why Smilers or Beliebers attack other fanbases, for example Selenators? And why Arianators or Bellarinas ONLY support their and others' idol? It's beceuse Ariana or Selena NEVER did any bad things, like an embarassing videoclip or a topless photoshoot. I'm not attacking it's just my opinion!!! And why Smilers attack others and think they're better? Because Miley thinks this too. I know she and actually everyone grew up. Selena helps with UNICEF and calling her fans to her family, friends. She has a BIG heart! She tweeta ua the links to her videos and if we want we can watch! But Miley wants us to watch. Ariana is like it doesn't matter if we luje or don't. And Bella has a very big heart too. And she is under 18! Just think a little, then judge! What if we attack? You are like no you cannot, we are the queens. And when Selena has a similar thing in anything the she already copies Miley. Just stop the hate and support YOUR idol! They don't like seeing you hate on others.

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