@YvetteCooperMP says allegations of police spying on the Lawrence family by the Met after their son's murder are 'shocking'

Yvette Cooper, Shadow Home Secretary, said: “These are shocking and appalling allegations and we need to know the full truth of what happened.

"We have long known that the Metropolitan Police investigation into Stephen Lawrence's murder in 1993 failed badly and reflected racism within elements of the police at the time.

"There have also been concerns that corruption within the investigation was never fully pursued.

"These are very serious new claims about the conduct of the police at the time, and it is vital we get to the truth about what happened.

“The Metropolitan Police team who pursued the most recent investigation and prosecution and secured some justice for Stephen Lawrence's family, have done very good and important work.

"But these allegations - even though they relate to twenty years ago - are shocking and will be very upsetting for Stephen Lawrence's family and friends.

"An investigation is currently underway into the actions of undercover police officers within the Met.

"However, given the significance of the Lawrence case, and the unresolved concerns about corruption too, the Home Secretary should seek a faster investigation into these specific allegations.

"Victims need to be able to have full confidence in the vital work the police do each day to keep them safe and get them justice. That is why any suggestion that undercover policing could have undermined victims or justice should be taken so seriously and the truth pursued now."




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