The sign above our premises, as pictured on Twitter today, is no longer present. We were hoping to have finished the external refurbishment of the premises in time for our launch, but as finances would have it, we couldn't afford to do this. However we recognise the strength of feeling this has generated so took the sign down earlier today. We would like to apologise for the offence caused and assure you that this was never our intention.

The Advisory is run by a local and independent group of individuals, passionate about the local community, and reflective of Hackney's international demographic. As we continue the refurbishment of the building, which has been derelict for many years, we hope people will appreciate our efforts in bringing a high-street premises back into operation and, in turn, creating a number of jobs. We hope The Advisory will help contribute to the ongoing development of a thriving and exciting area of the borough.

Again, apologies for the offence, it was never our intention.

Yours Faithfully,

The Advisory

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