ASA Adjudication, appeal. I have just spoken to the ASA and after explaining my case, they suggested I appeal, I would suggest anyone that made an official complaint, and received a letter regards the adjudication, do the same.

The person I spoke to agreed, if a company is liquidated and a new company formed, it cannot claim the history of the previous company.

They also agreed that the Glasgow media has a recognisable blue bias, and this was a person from London.

Rangers FC was a Club registered as a Company, there was no distinction between the two, they were a single entity.

RFC were a company trading as a football club and were in the business of playing football, it wouldn't have mattered if they had been selling nails, it was their trade and they traded as that Club and Company.

They were liquidated, assets sold, the club was not sold as a going concern.

They are a new club and we will prove it.

If you bought a building that Woolworths once traded from, could you claim their history and name? No, you couldn't.

Neither can Sevco FC

Send your appeal to:

Independent Reviewer of ASA Adjudications
7th Floor North
Artillery House
11 - 19 Artillery Row

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