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18th Jun 2013 from TwitLonger

I recently received this tweet. Not trying to be mean, but there is so much wrong with this sentence:

"@julieplec It's not good going against the fans wish for Kol to live. It could give you a bad reputation as a writer.”

Let me elaborate: Storytelling is not a democracy and it never will be. I love and admire the passion of the Kol fan base, but no petition, or trending topic, or ongoing twitter assault on my mentions is going to make us do something we don't believe is right or necessary for the show right now. Some of you have gotten a bit meanly personal. Others have shown nothing but grace. And your enthusiasm means the world to all of us. But if you want a choose-your-own adventure, go to the library. Otherwise, find it in your hearts to trust that we love the story we're telling and are going to keep giving 1000% of our creative souls to it --- even when it makes a few people unhappy. Maybe one day you'll see Kol again when the story is right. Maybe not. I hope you'll keep watching anyway.

With love, respect, and the desire for a cleaner and kinder Timeline,


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