I want to truly apologize to everyone I have upset and offended for deleting old posts off my website. I was in Duluth all weekend, drove back this morning, just got home, and am heading out again to Boston for the week. I did not want to rush an apology. I have made mistakes in the past, and I own up to them all. This one impacts my credibility and I understand that. I'm not concerned about trying to tell my "side" of the story because this is strictly an apology. I will not make excuses or try to validate what I did. As a person with a passion for what I've been doing on here for over three years, I recognize my faults, accept them, and will focus on the future. It was a mistake. I hope some of you realize I have done a lot of good things to promote the position and the game of hockey over the years, to help my hockey friends and give them opportunities, to raise money for charitable hockey causes, and to answer your goalie questions. I have a thick skin and I will accept whatever comes from this like a man. I am learning every day...not only about the position, but about how to handle things in an increasingly digital world where negativity is rampant. I appreciate those who support me, and hold no ill will or anger towards those that try to break me down. Again, I am truly sorry to you all, and I promise I will learn from my mistakes.

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