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16th Jun 2013 from TwitLonger

[#KHJBAREFOOTFRIENDS] HyunJoong asking Yoon Shiyoon questions about his girlfriend and ideal type.

KHJ: Let's do a Hodong-style broadcast. When was your last girlfriend recently?

**Hodong-style broadcast: Digging up scandal out of nowhere

KHJ: (last date was) More than a year or within a year?
YSY: More than a year..are you still in love..with that noona?
KHJ: Nope..we ended. Why not we sit here and talk?

KHJ: Do you still love her?
YSY: Nope, but I'm hoping she's happy now.
KHJ: Is it the entertainer I know?
YSY: No it's not, what do you mean? *flustered*
KHJ: (caption: *sneaky* Variety show expert) There is...
YSY: No no...
KHJ: Is that lady good in singing or acting?
YSY: No~ she's not an entertainer~!
KHJ: *excited* Even if she's not an entertainer she can be good in singing or acting..
YSY: She's not an entertainer
KHJ: Is she taller or shorter than 160cm?
YSY: I can't be sure of that but this...(hugs HyunJoong to demonstrate her past girlfriend's height) I even hugged her like that the day before we broke up

KHJ: Between Hyori and UEE, choose one honestly (for ideal type)
YSY: I'm picking UEE, what about you?
KHJ: Hyori noona of course
YSY: Compared to FIN.KL's days, Hyori noona seemed different nowadays
KHJ: By what means?
YSY: During FIN.KL's days she was pretty..
KHJ: You mean she's isn't pretty now?
YSY: Now she's cool
KHJ: What about UEE?
YSY: UEE...I haven't really talked to her much until now..except the greetings..
KHJ: Then let's play games together after we return to get close to UEE

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