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14th Jun 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Kim Junsu's 8th contribution to "Habitat for Humanity" completed - Proven to be 'Angel Xia"

A cause supported by popular group JYJ's Kim Junsu, 'Habitat for Humanity', has once again flourished. On June 13th, an international development and relief organization named ADRA KOREA revealed that Kim Junsu's 8th 'Xia Junsu's Habitat for Humanity' project has been completed.

Along with Kim Junsu, 'Habitat for Humanity' operates as a social contribution organization that works to improve the living conditions of underprivileged people, such as those who have disabled family members. Kim Junsu has donated to ADRA KOREA since 2008, and the organization has been built up through these funds.

On top of houses already finished in Dangjin, Paju, and Taean-gun, Xia Junsu's 8th 'House of Love' in Icheon-si's Moga-myeon in Gyeonggi-do is an 80㎡ wooden house that includes living facilities such as a kitchen, washroom, living room, and study room. Mrs. Park, who has been living a hard life in poor, inadequate conditions and raising her young children alone has a new house thanks to the help of Kim Junsu.

'Habitat for Humanity' chooses candidates to help through recommendations from the region and site visits. Houses are then build through donations by Kim Junsu and cooperation with volunteers. This time, approximately 100 volunteers participated in the construction of the house.

In the afternoon of June 12th, a completion ceremony attended by Kim Kyunghee, Icheon's deputy mayor, and Kim Daesung, Chairman of ADRA KOREA, as well as guests and the 100 volunteers was held for everyone to share in the happiness of the completion. As Kim Junsu's parents also attended the event, the meaning was even deeper. The beneficiaries Mrs. Park and her family were able to laugh again after a long time.

Kim Junsu's father said, "The fact that everyone's united devotion and love helped to give a family a new life has a very deep meaning" and "Junsu was also very happy to hear that the project had been completed. Through today's completion ceremony, our family has also committed to sharing happiness with our neighbors in the future and becoming a family that puts love into action."

ADRA KOREA's Chairman, Kim Daesung, stated, "Making sacrifices and helping other people as one lives is a very fruitful" and "Even at a young age, Kim Junsu along with his family have actively participated in giving back to their neighbors. I am very moved by their devotion."

Kim Junsu has not only done good deeds in Korea, but continues to help those overseas as well. In 2011, Kim Junsu built a school in a remote village in Cambodia and continues to support the impoverished and improving the unsafe living conditions through social organizations.

ADRA is one of the world's major welfare organizations that was established through the UN in 1997 and has received comprehensive consultative status. In particular, the United Nations Economic and Social Council has recognized ADRA as a professional advisory body. ADRA is active in more than 120 countries with over 4000 activists working towards providing basic education, disaster response, economic development, food security, and basic health.

On the other hand, Kim Junsu will release his second full album in the upcoming July and will meet his fans through reprising his role as Tod in the musical 'Elizabeth'


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