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9th Jun 2013 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] New info on Junsu's second album! "Early Summer Idol Battle: Will the Music Scene Change?"

A representative from Kim Junsu's agency CJES Entertainment explained, "As Kim Junsu is a vocalist who can sing everything from dance songs to ballads, he is planning on tackling a wide range of genres" and "We are receiving songs from several composers. To match the upcoming summer, the album will have a more pop type sound than his last album."


There are also idols who compose their own songs and differentiate themselves as an artist. JYJ's Kim Junsu plans on including his self-composed songs into his second album.


A representative from CJES Entertainment stated, "Instead of remaining as an idol thriving on an image, Kim Junsu will pursue this generation's trend, the 'Perfect Idol', and insisted on releasing a full album" and "We are considering promoting the fact that Kim Junsu participated in the producing of the album, including selecting the songs."

Parts unrelated to Junsu are omitted.

Source: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2013/06/07/0200000000AKR20130607177800005.HTML?input=1179m

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