Character Name: Lehava

Lehava is a fire angel, she is loved by all people for her compassion to help others and save people she is a guardian beacon to all and an inspiration to everyone around her that you must always fight to your last breath. She always tries to bring peace between races that have conflict or friction for example orcs and ogres. She is okay with letting evil happen as long as its not attacking her otherwise there is only a pile of ashes where her foe once stood. She hopes that with a kind heart she can bring peace to everyone or that was the case until Nulgath came to OS.

After people had gone missing in one region she found one child who had survived the fate of his village by hiding underneath the hay in his family's barn the kid was sadly traumatized by what he saw and could only mutter one word "Nulgath". Lehava was terrified by these events and she had to find out what was happening. she flew the child to a nearby village so he could be checked by the village physician. when she left the physician's house a man had been running towards the village entrance screaming "There here, there here please run there coming". Lehava grew concerned over this but just then a winged man like herself appeared with katana in hand he slew the man that was screaming. Behind the winged man was an army of creatures of unspeakable horror, the village was in panic but Lehava knew what she had to do and that was to protect the villagers from this rampage. Lehava took to the skies while her winged foe did the same and the creatures went to attack the village. Lehava wasn't afraid and said to the winged man "Who are you and why are you doing this". The winged man replied "The name is Revontheus and as for what I am doing here is gathering souls for my master Nulgath" the name "Nulgath" came back to Lehava's mind and she remembered the surviving boy saying only one word "Nulgath". Lehava replied "souls? what right do you have to take one's soul?". Revontheus laughed at her reply and said "I don't need a right to take anything, the powerful can take what belongs to the weak thats a fact of nature". Lehava grew in fury and conjured up her phoenix blade Revontheus looked on in excitement knowing a worthy opponent when he saw one Lehava attacked Revontheus only for Revontheus to block. Lehava and Revontheus then fought relentlessly for quite some time it was clear Revontheus was having fun while Lehava was fighting with all her power but to no avail even infusing fire in to her sword attacks was not helping. Lehava knew she needed to end this to help the villagers and so she then moved back and released a mighty fire from the tip of her blade but Revontheus quickly split it in half like butter. Lehava had no idea what to do what could she do? Revontheus was in a whole another league than her and she was growing tired as their battle kept going she was in trouble but the people needed her. Lehava knew she had only one option, she summoned as much fire magic as she could and placed it in the blade and released a great fire which formed into a phoenix Revontheus was taken back by this and then the phoenix moved and attacked Revontheus head on and they both hit the ground after the smoked cleared Revontheus was still standing with only minor injuries and bruises. Lehava felt as though she had failed but before she could think of a way to attack him again Revontheus flew straight to her and got behind her and before she could turn around he hit her on the back of the neck knocking her out.

When Lehava awoke hers hands and wings were in chains and she was being carried away in a cage by the monsters who had attacked the village with Revontheus being next her he told her "Don't worry girl your soul won't be taken. No nulgath would love to have someone of your power to be on his side for with his power you could become much stronger and more useful to him". Lehava replied "Well have you ever thought I don't want to be your masters helper" and Revontheus smiled and said "Whether you want to or not is not the problem, its whether Nulgath can restrain himself from wanting to devour such a delicious souls as yours". Lehava knew that there was nothing she could do her fire magic was being shut down by the special chains on here. Lehava was taken to the side of a mountain where Revontheus and the beasts went into a cave which seemed to go on forever until they reached a bright light and there Lehava saw a portal. Revontheus and the creatures along with Lehava stepped into the portal and they came to be in a beautiful place almost like a gigantic castle. The creatures who attacked the village dispersed while Revontheus and few other looking creatures which Revontheus called "Skexis Fiends" took Lehava and a cart full bright of orbs which Lehava deduced were the souls of the villagers that had been attacked.

Revontheus and the Skexis Fiends went down a series of passages and hallways almost like a maze until they reached a rather large beast sitting on a throne with a floating sword next to the throne he looked at Revontheus and asked "What have you brought me my Revontheus". Revontheus bowed and then stood back up and replied "Nulgath I brought you souls as you requested but also someone of great power which I think you will find is worth more still having her soul" Nulgath smiled and said "I was wondering where you had gotten such injuries, if one could cause that to one of my generals then yes they would be useful show this person to me" at once Revontheus had motioned the Skexis Fiends to take me out of the moving cage and place me before Nulgath on my knees before him Lehava thought to herself "I have never felt so helpless before, and in front of such a beast foreboding such incredible power I never thought a beast of this much power could exist". Nulgath had a look of excitement on his face "Revontheus you did a great job to find this one she would be an excellent addition to my followers". Lehava replied "Hold on a minute I would never agree to help a monster like you I protect the weak and innocent I wouldn't take their souls I would never help you in anyway, you can kill me where I stand, I would rather die than help you". Nulgath then chuckled and said "My dear girl I am not asking you to change who you are I agree with you in protecting the weak for at times they sometimes grow to become very powerful. You see my dear if you had my help you would be doing things just as you are but with better efficiency you would eliminate the orc and ogre problem by helping Klunk the king of the Ogre's keep his people from being enslaved by giving them weapons that will help them to be able to defend themselves from the Orc's. You can make humans into fiends who would be able to better defend themselves. You see girl I help the weak tap into their full potential and become much stronger and in gratitude they help me. The souls I take are only because I sometimes require them to become more powerful, create more powerful items, or they are the souls of those who pledged their loyalty to me and then tried to take the cowards way out so you see those souls are not really going to waste my dear. Joining me would be not just helping you but rather helping everyone you wish to help. It would be beneficial to join me but I will let you choose". Lehava thought it over she always wanted to help others to help them have the ability defend themselves and with Nulgath's assistance she could help people the best way possible. Finally Lehava said "Yes I will help you as long as I can continue helping others with the help of your power" and Nulgath smiled and replied "of course my dear" Nulgath then motioned one of the Skexis Fiends to come over and it broke off the chains on Lehava's hands and wings and then she got up and then a paper appeared and a pen in Lehava's hand appeared as well and Nulgath replied "Now this contract forever stating your loyalty to me and then you shall have my help in granting your desire to help others fulfilled and if you shall ever break this contract then you will suffer at my hands personally this contract is biding and legal and once signed there is no way of backing out". Lehava then signed it and the deed was done.

Lehava now has a weapon infused with Nulgath's power known as the "Dark Phoenix" and No her fire is not black its the regular color of fire but Lehava herself now fights with the help of a higher power on her side giving her the power to make her the best person to help others and all the while Nulgath continues to grow more powerful with her added help along with his minions. Lehava doesn't know whether she was manipulated by Nulgath or not but since the contract was signed she felt it best not to think about it as questioning him would be foolish. Lehava continues her work of helping and peace but when told by a minion that Nulgath was in need of her assistance she never hesitated to obey her Master after all he made full on his promise and she had keep up her end of their deal.

But Lehava was no fool and she would not stand for Nulgath's evil no she needed time to grow more powerful and that was when she made her move she swiftly dealt a blow to some of Nulgath's minions who attempted to attack a village reducing all but one creature to ash and it was there she threw away here prized weapon that as she saw now was tainted with Nulgath's evil she allowed one creature to survive so that he could send Nulgath a message that an enemy is now here and his evil will be destroyed.

When the creature told Nulgath of Lehava's betrayal Nulgath only chuckled and said "I knew she would betray me. I hoped she would have grown more wiser to realize my power was greater than she could ever understand". Nulgath made it clear that she was to be killed but none of his creatures has managed to defeat here yet. Lehava got a new sword one forged by a priest of Light using the feathers of a Phoenix. Lehava's determination to fight an enemy against all odds to protect those she cares about even when up against a great evil makes her a hero to all around her.

Element: Fire

Quotes: Enemy-"I fight with a Heart of fire you cannot win"
Possessed-"I warn you if you fight me there is no guarantee you will live to tell about it"

Appearance: Lehava would have fiery wings she would wear a yellow dress thats a skirt that would be in the spectrum of matching fire and would be puffy on the shoulders and cut off then have sleeves with the same color yellow but are not attached to the dress, she would have black gloves and black colored leggings that would go down and then have black colored high heels

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