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@Nulgath #Oversoul Character name: Redael, The Elder Sage. (Master Rank)

Appearance: Tall, but broad man, with long grey hair and a thick, grey goatee that was almost as long as wizard’s long beards. He does not wear a hat, but wears robes that look more advanced and sophisticated than the generic wizard robe set – because of his status as an Elder. He carries his staff, which looks like the wood is from an ordinary tree, but around the top of the staff float small rocks in a circular motion. The description of the dragon can be found in the back story.*

Back story: Surprisingly, life as an Elder wasn't always busy. It involved a lot more exploration and adventure than you’d first expect. It was the Elder’s duty to protect the community from any threats or dangers that wondered vindictively through the city. But with great responsibility, came great power, and this power could only be entrusted to wizards and witches who showed their worth. Redael was no exception…
One day in the realm of Solace, the citizens gathered around the Labyrinth Dungeon as rumor spread around the city. Redael, eager to know what was going on, hurried to the scene to see what all the commotion was about. Upon arrival, he caught up with Rolith who had told him why everyone had gathered: “We think it’s a dragon… Inside the dungeon!” Solace had been free of dragons since Redael’s predecessor, Yilnor, who had exiled dragons many years ago because of their poisonous toxins. To encounter one in Solace would have been impossible – dragons hide and thrive in the wild, and wouldn't dare step foot in Solace to risk their lives. As Redael thought how or why one would enter the dungeon, in particular the Labyrinth Dungeon, loud screeches echoed from inside the cave.
“Well if it is a dragon, it can only be up to no good, and that wouldn't be fair on the inhabitants inside the cave. I’ll go in and check it out” said Redael confidently, “Won’t be long”. The citizens cheered him on as he ventured into the cave. He stood firm and looked back, waving at the crowd, before progressing forward.
Hours passed by, and there wasn't a single enemy in sight. Boulders, as huge as mountains, were shattered and scattered all over the place; claw markings were etched all over the cave walls, and the air become colder and denser as Redael went deeper and deeper into the cave. As much as he wanted to turn back and leave, Redael was just as curious to find the dragon – after all, he didn't want to let his people down. He sat down to rest for a moment, when all of a sudden a boulder dropped from above and was coming straight for him, but reacted quickly and put up a shield. The boulder had such force, that it made Redael unable to move, but being an Earth Master, he knew what to do and crushed the giant rock with his staff, and turned around to see…
The shadow of the most petrifying dragon he’d ever seen. Its body design was almost lizard like, a tail huge and thick, stretching up to a meter wide, and covered in spikes. It’s winged arched from its back, with a huge wing span. Its head, elongated, and also covered in spikes but with ones much larger than the ones on its tail. Redael had no choice but to prepare for combat, and poised his staff ready to fire an earth bold, but the dragon made the first move. Screeching a horrible high-pitched roar which seemed louder because of the echo caused by the stone walls, distracted Redael and the dragon flew straight towards him. But something wasn't right. It seemed to get… smaller as it approached him. He stood his staff down, not sure what to expect before, out of nowhere, came the dragon, knocking Redael to the ground. It was not what he expected for sure.
“You’re the little rascal that’s been causing so much trouble. Gee, I came all this way for a young dragon-ling like you, huh?” Redael said to the dragon. The shadow had enlarged all of its features, and it turned out that the dragon was only a baby. “Poor fella’, musta’ got lost and came all the way down here. Let’s get you out and back to your mother. You weigh a tonne!” The dragon took a liking to Redael and followed him as they made their way back. But, from the ground, as if by magic, reappeared before them two stone figures. Redael turned to the dragon: “Looks like you've upset a lot of the things that live down here, hope you’re ready to fight!” but he wasn't there. The sound of smashing boulders came from in front of him, and he turned to see what had happened. One of the figures knocked the staff out of Redael’s hand, meaning he had use weakened magic. The other figure launched a fist in his direction – but the dragon intercepted and smashed the figures with a single head smash before Redael had time to prepare a spell. The golems weren't the real threat, and in the distance glowed two red eyes – staring straight at the two. Redael didn't feel threatened, and the young dragon ran over to greet the monster. “That must be his mother” Redael suggested.
He made his way over, and saw a dragon which resembled the shadow he first saw of the dragon. Now he understood why the dragon weighed so much, and to his surprise the mother spoke to him saying, “We knew you would come Redael. We were order to kill you by another wizard, he turned my son’s heart to stone and said he wouldn't change him back unless you were killed. But I know you can help, you see. I watched you two fight and how… happy my son looked. This place is too dangerous for him, and he wouldn't stand a chance by himself. I do not have long left, and that is why I ask you to take care of him”. She hugged the young dragon, and he crawled back to Redael. She continued: “Because of the Earth magic, he is unable to fly because he is too heavy, and cannot breathe fire because his heart is too cold. I want you to change that for him Redael.”
He agreed to the plea from the mother dragon, and took them out of the cave, and let the mother go a safe distance away from solace. He looked back at the cave entrance, and thought to himself: Who would want me dead, and why wouldn't he do it himself? The power turn even dragons into stone, wizardry of legendary ranks. He looked at the young dragon who had feel flat out by his feet, exhausted from what was a busy day for the both of them. “Looks like it’s me and you now, partner”.

Player Controlled:"Don't fight a battle if you won't gain anything from winning."
Enemy Controlled: "You can relax a little longer young one, this'll be over before you know it."

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