There once was a known rookie warrior that has made his name by slaying one of the most fearsome dragons of all, Atlas Tamashī, the renowned King. They called him.. The One winged Dragon Rift-or (Technically Dragon Slayer), Nozomi. Pasts of the Legendary Dragon slayer has been unknown.. His strengths were definitely abnormal and unnatural for a human being. Many Legends were made and made it to believe that it is all true.. His One Wing was his mark of a Scar.. Some stories were of him as a Dark Angel.. But all are false Legends. Until recently, a journal was found in the mountain of Shinai... The Journal of Nozomi...

"Decades has passed... My Dragon form has mostly been Dis-merged... Atlas Tamashī.. The Dragon of Destruction has obliterated me in our final battle. By his Dishonored plan, I was rippled away by his army. I.. Nozomi.. The once proud God of Dragons.. Has now fallen. As I watch the world crumbles over the Order of Balance... Chaos has Rifted... In a whole new form.. As a human being. I will Rise up to restore the order of peace. There shall be bloodshed.. But the world will have it's light again. Fight as a warrior.. It will take time as a human being.. My one wing that makes it very irregular as a human.. But there will be a time of opportunity to stand up and strike.. As of that is called... Hope!" -Nozomi · Reply
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