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7th Jun 2013 from TwitLonger

This is my entry. A DS-2 style Death.
Element: Shadow / Shadow and Fire
Shortly after the appearance of Nulgath in the OS World, the balance between the living and the dead has become unstable. It is up to Death to fix this issue.
The problem is that, even with all his wisdom and power, Death still can't rise at the level of the Great Fiend. That's why Death made a deal with Nulgath and gain some of his power in exchance for a little percentage of the souls Death's collecting.
With that power, Death became an abomination, a new type of Void breed that exceeds the other ones, a creature that combines the sacred dark arts of the Soul Collectors and the power of the void. He became The Death Void of Nulgath.
Now with his new powers, he will have patience and get stronger, so that one day he would get rid of this evil. He will not underestimate Nulgath, Death knows Nulgath doesn't trust him and will watch each of his moves.

Master: Death Void of Nulgath
Mysteriously cloaked Death, with shadowed figure, using his scythe to attack using a limited amount of it's power.
Possible animations:
2 Hit Combo: Scythe Combo
3 Hit Combo: Scythe Combo
5 Hit Combo: Hit's the ground with the scythe unleashing a dark stream of energy.

Legendary: Death Void of Nulgath
Death's face and some of his black hair locked are visible, the cloak is waving due to his forbidable power. His left arm is visible and has the same pose like the picture. He's now using a big amount of his power using lef arm + scythe combos.
Possible animations:
2 Hit Combo: Scythe Combo
3 Hit Combo: Scythe + Left Arm Combo
5 hit combo: Left Arm strong energy beam / Left Arm Strong Claw Slash

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