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Oversoul Writing Entry
Mon Dez (Forum name)

Name: Necrosis Dezgardo

Element: Shadow

Alignment: +0 Neutral

Rank: Master

• Ashen White Hair
• Eyes and Mouth sewn shut with threads
• Black leather turtle neck sleeveless vest with a hood covering the head,
body figure is slim, not muscular. Best template for this would either be
something like Darkon Drago or go with a female template.
• Black Cloak wrapped around the waist
• Black steel toed skull boots
• Bandages wrapped around the hands
• Skull pauldron worn clearly on the right shoulder, little rust on it
• Wields a black thorn energy sword in the right hand with a skull covering
the hilt and a skull staff in the left

• 500 attack card – x1
• 100 pierce card – x2
• 300 defense card – x2
• Poison – x3
• Mark of Death – x2
• Empower – x2
• Sacrifice – x2
• Blood Rage – x2
• Void Reflection – x1

Attack Sets:
• Player Quote: All things must change in the tides of undeath.
• Enemy Quote: To face the leader of the undeath? I commend your courage.
• Combo 1: Strikes down with the sword
• Combo 2: Strikes down with the sword and stabs with the staff
• Combo 3: A slash of the sword creates a wave of dark energy in the shapes
of skulls striking the enemy
• Combo 5: Summons an Axe Skeleton leaping in the air and striking the enemy,
following up would be the Undead Knight sword strike, Crypt Rogue striking
with its blades, Crypt Soldier striking with his shield, and Degore dealing
the final blow.

Long ago a great man once told me, “The world can achieve peace and unity when it faces a common enemy.” The man’s name was Necrosis who was a teacher, a student, a friend, family, and son. To the world he was an enemy, but to those that knew the truth to the hardships of becoming the chaos to unite kingdoms, he was a hero.
The first time I met Necrosis was when he was a child of a normal and happy family. The village where he lived was far away from the chaos. It was not long until the peace was disrupted and his town, family, friends were all ripped from his hands. In the acts of despair as he watched the deaths of his parents by the cruel hands of the Empire, a power awoke in his body and a natural gift of necromancy had dawned in him. I saw first hands the horrors of the dead of the former villagers destroy every soldier in sight and the young boy had lost all sight before him. I took him in as my adopted son and raised him to be a proper mage sealing his memories of his gift. Before long I introduced him to the king and his daughter who was about his age, the daughter quickly became friends with Necrosis. They grew up together inseparable, but before long the king announced his daughter to be married to a neighboring kingdom as an alliance in the war efforts. Necrosis protested and the king was not happy with it so he ordered Necrosis to never meet with his daughter again. On the eve of the princesses 16th birthday, Necrosis barged in the hall and the king was furious. I was surprised that he would be coming here knowing full well what would happen, but what Necrosis did next was something that I could never forget.
That day Necrosis killed my friend, a father, and a king to his people in front of the whole kingdom and the princess in plain view for all to see. It was uproar in the kingdom as people screamed and the guards came running to their dying lord’s side.

In an instance Necrosis released the dark powers of his gift and a pillar of corpses erupted from the ground whisking him away in its decayed frenzy.
In the coming months a new faction in the war was created called “Necropolis”, an empire created to house the mass armies of undeath. The undeath were not soulless corpses of soldiers, Necrosis had found a way to raise soldiers with their full capabilities and minds that were only loyal to him using his natural gift of necromancy. These soldiers gave up their physical bodies to protect their loved ones and to create a land of peace. To ensure to lengthen his war, Necrosis created three guardians each representing his most cherished memories.
The first guardian was a giant skeleton made of thousands and thousands of smaller skeletons bound in chains. It harbored the chain necklace that the princess made for him. The second guardian was a mage wearing a long and elegant robe that excelled in magic. It held the knowledge and staff that I presented to Necrosis. The final guardian was kept close to Necrosis at all times and was a general of his grand army. It protected the memories of the parents and the village that were part of his life. These guardians were sought out and destroyed bringing Necrosis closer to death, but in all we didn't know what effect it had to Necrosis.
In the final battle, all the kingdoms in the continent finally achieved a peace and unity that many didn't expect to defeat Necrosis. As every kingdom charged; the undead rose and fought with full fury. The princess, Henrietta, fought with me in the battle and she herself was the one to confront her former childhood friend. When the final confrontation took place, I was present to be a witness along with some others to observe the final fight between a former princess and my former son. The battle was fierce and in the end Necrosis lost. In his final moments he apologized for everything that he did. It was a moment that everyone would have cheered in victory, but it was a moment of sadness of a loss over a great man that took the burdens of death and despair of those he loved to create an ideal peace that may not last forever, but for a small amount that many could finally enjoy.

In the years after the great uprising of Necrosis, I was in my final stretch of life. As all of those I loved stood next to me, the earth shook in a fury. My last vision was of the Necropolis many distances away sprung to life in a silver glow.

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