Cape Cod iPhone Photography Weekend Workshop


Does anyone here have an interest in participating in a July 25-28, weekend workshop on Cape Cod.

i know it's sort of late to be thinking about this.
But i do remember a half dozen people, months ago, telling me they could be interested.

So i'm using the long tweet to gauge interest and go from there.

I was born and raised on Cape Cod
And know it intimately-every crack and corner

I can't tell you how many of thousands of photographic hours i have invested
in capturing the faces, places and spaces of this picturesque destination.

This shooting experience would be designed more for intermediate and advanced mobile

It would be three full days of shooting-from sunrise to sunset each day.

There would NOT be any formal classroom instruction
although i would talk-through, on location, how i shoot and approach subjects.

I can easily imagine where we'll be able to cover 3-5 key locations per days
And have a solid 60-90 minutes per location to explore.

The workshop cost, for the three days would be $395.00 (not including your travel, hotel and food costs which would be on your own)

If possible, i would prefer to limit the size of the workshop to only 10 persons (first come, first serve)

At the very least, what each of you should walk away with is a killer portfolio
of mobile photography-including sunsets, sunrises, beach and landscapes, still life set-ups, street photography (Provincetown), landmarks, monuments, parks, portraits, resort and architecture.

This workshop is for iPhone shooters only.

No prior experience is necessary. Although you should have modest skills in shooting, apping and sharing.

Everything we do, for the three days, we'll do as a group.
And try to work a little "free-time" in as possible.

Again, i will be bringing you to the best places to shoot. And at optimum times.
So you're you'll have the opportunity to get some incredible content!!!

If you are arriving from out-of-town, you will fly in to Boston.
Then rent a car and drive to Cape Cod (about 90 minutes from Boston)

You'll want to come in on thursday afternoon/pm
So we have 3 full days to shoot together (friday, saturday and half day on sunday)

Plan on shooting only a half day on sunday so you can get a flight home.

Even though there is no formal classroom instruction, fear not,
there will be plenty of learning-from me and each other.

If you love to shoot and love watching others shoot...then this workshop is your ticket.

I will be bringing my full photo bag of gear and accessories
so you can see how i use this stuff and even use yourself!

I'm sure we'll also, as a group, dream up a dozen projects we can do together
to share our location creations:)

Don't plan on sleeping much.
This is a long-day(s), constant shooting, immersive iPhone workshop.

We'll be doing alot of walking.
And getting up early and going to bed late.

Tiring..indeed. but also exhilarating! I promise.

I can happily help provide you assistance in booking a hotel room that is close to where we'll be each day.

I will be staying in South Yarmouth (5 miles from Hyannis)
and we'll be staging out of SY for all our day trips.

As part of this itinerary, we'll be covering Hyannis, Chatham, Provincetown, Truro, Dennis, Brewster, Yarmouth, Barnstable, Harwich and more.

If you have a thing for shooting sunsets/sunrises, lighthouses, windmills, oceanscapes, fishing villages, boats, rivers, canals...this is for you.

Once again, no DSLR's. This is a dedicated and immersive iPhone Photography workshop.
With the goal to help you elevate your mobile photography games-skills and attitude.

We'll most likely travel together in a large 14 seater passenger van and eat along the way.
Even stop whenever the moment strikes!

No need whatsoever to pack much at all.
Think shorts and T's and sneakers. And a sweater/sweatshirt for mornings and evenings.

If you're a loner...then we'll cut you loose for more downtimes.
otherwise, plan to get very comfortable and familiar with each other.

This mobile workshop is something that i've been wanting to do for the last few summers.
Will you join this mobile photography weekend adventure with me?

Jack Hollingsworth

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