CEB Advisory
As of June 4, 2013

Please be advised that we have cancelled 19 roundtrip flights to and from Davao on June 4, 2013, because of runway obstruction leading to the closure of the Davao International Airport:

5J 957/958 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 959/960 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 961/962 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 963/964 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 965/968 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 969/972 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 971/970 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 973/974 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 975/966 Manila-Davao-Manila
5J 979/980 Manila-Davao-Manila

5J 593/594 Cebu-Davao-Cebu
5J 595/596 Cebu-Davao-Cebu
5J 599/600 Cebu-Davao-Cebu
5J 597/598 Cebu-Davao-Cebu

5J 347/348 Iloilo-Davao-Iloilo
5J 393/394 Davao-Zamboanga-Davao
5J 986/987 Davao-Kalibo-Davao
5J 216/215 Davao-Cagayan de Oro-Davao
5J 946/947 Davao-Puerto Princesa-Davao

Cebu Pacific has arranged for 15 extra roundtrip flights to General Santos from Manila, Cebu, Zamboanga and Kalibo to re-accommodate affected passengers.

We are contacting guests on their re-accommodation, and are providing transfers between General Santos and Davao, as well as meals and hotel accommodations, as necessary.

Rest assured that we're doing our best to assist all passengers, and facilitate the removal of the runway obstruction. Last June 2, 2013, flight 5J 971 from Manila to Davao landed safely but veered off to the right of the Davao runway during a heavy downpour at the time. All 165 passengers were unhurt and safely shuttled to the terminal, where their needs were taken care of.

We'll continue to provide updates as soon as they are available through our official Twitter (@cebupacificair) page.

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