Messages of PM Erdoğan on the demonstrations in Taksim:
1- This development project in Taksim, Istanbul aims the expansion of the pavements for pedestrians. There will be more, not less, green area.
2- There is no intention to build a shopping mall in the park but we might think of a city museum and recreational social areas. This has not been decided yet. The automobile traffic will be taken underground.
3- Within the last 10 years, we have spearheaded the greatest tree planting campaign of Turkey (900.000 hectare) and planted about 3 billion young trees.
4- The police have used excessive force. We do not approve this. The Ministry of Interior has launched an investigation. However, as it is the case in other parts of the world, the police will be there to maintain public order.
5- We are ready to begin a dialogue and negotiations on the project but it is not clear with whom among the protesters. Meanwhile I appeal to the demonstrators not to cause any harm and/or damage to anyone or any property.
6- Everybody is entitled to their democratic rights to disagree and protest. I call upon all citizens and protesters to act with a sense of responsibility and common sense, and be vigilant against provocations.
7- I also call upon the Republican People’s Party to refrain from any provocations.
8- There is a lot of disinformation and distortion running through social media. False, fake and distorted info and visual material are being circulated. Please be aware of such distortions.
9- Lastly, contrary to some reports, there is no loss of life.
Note: as of 16.00 Saturday, June 1, 2013, the police have been ordered to leave the premises of the Taksim Park and citizens have been let in.

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