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[Trans] July/2013 MINI (Japanese magazine)

Jung Yonghwa :
Birthday 1989. 6. 22. Guitar&Vocal. Takes care of all, a warm brother and always a cold leader as well.
He summarizes discussion well, a sincere person. But when he trolls other members and plays tricks on them, he is just a cute boy.

Lee Jonghyun :
Birthday 1990. 5. 15. Guitar&Vocal. He speaks fluent Japanese, doesn't need interpreter. He talks from himself, a mood maker.
Straightforward personality and honest comment always make the mood warm.
Everyday he never release guitar from his hands, a hard worker. And he has pale skin!

Kang Minhyuk :
Birthday 1991. 6. 28. Drums. He is shy a little bit, but he tries to speak in Japanese. His shy smile stimulates maternal instinct! He gets more and more handsome as we meet. A lovely character. His accurate drumming in concert is famous.

Lee Jungshin :
Birthday 1991. 9. 15. Bass. He remembered our reporters clearly and greeted us. Courteous and cheerful, his friendly smile is attractive. He is the person who heals all people in the location. But his figure better than model is breathtaking! The length of his legs is no joking!!!

Dating, private life... etc.
Which side are CNBLUE?!
Besides their cool appearance, their unexpected side will surely capture you. Feel your heart palpitates!

Q. Which type of girlfriend do yo prefer?
A. Talkative person
B. Who listen to your talks well

Yonghwa&Jungshin : B
Jonghyun&Minhyuk : A
Jungshin : Our answers are perfectly divided in usually talkative persons and timid persons! (laugh)
All : Yes we are! (Big laugh)
Yonghwa : We are talkative usually, so I like person who listens to my words well. (laugh)
Jungshin : But if my girlfriend is a foreigner, I like A. because I want to hear various stories of foreign country.

Q. Do you use perfume?
Yes or No

All : Yes.
Yonghwa : Recently I bought a new one. It's floral scent.
Jungshin : Yonghwa hyung is a fashionista!
Yonghwa : I'm a country boy...
Minhyuk : I like scent which is not strong, but a refined scent..
Jonghyun : I'm using the same perfume as long time ago. I don't change. People say that I smell like ajussi. (laugh)
Jungshin : I use this and that. Recently I'm using what Yonghwa hyung recommended!
Yonghwa : I have aroma candles of the same scent.

Q. About the new song 「Blind Love」, have you ever been in a blind love?
Yes or No

Yonghwa : I think although it was one-sided love, if I love, I feel I'm in blind love.
Jonghyun : That's right. That is love.
Minhyuk&Jungshin : Yes, we have same opinion.
Minhyuk : If I like someone, I like her flaws too.

Q. Which type do you want to date?
A. Cute person
B. Pretty person

Yonghwa : A. Definitely girls who have aegyo(=charm) would be better.
Minhyuk : Hmm~ cute only or pretty only is not enough. I like both! (laugh)
Jungshin : Minhyuk is a bad guy!(laugh)
Jonghyun&Jungshin : I like pretty person.

Q. Who makes you flutter?
A. clumsy person
B. careful person

All : B! B!
Jonghyun : Isn't it obvious~? (laugh)
Yonghwa : Which side? I am a kind of clumsy person, so I think woman who isn't clumsy would be better(laugh)
Jonghyun : Yonghwa hyung is clumsy except his work.(laugh)
Yonghwa : I'm sorry!(laugh)
Jungshin : Clumsy person would be cute, but if I'm with careful woman, I would feel comfortable.

Q. Do you prefer clean thing?
Yes or No

Yonghwa&Jonghyun : No~
Minhyuk&Jungshin : Yes!
Jonghyun : I hate cleaning, so I try not to mess up.
Minhyuk : I don't like cleaning that much, but I prefer things in order, so I clean often if I have time.
Yonghwa : Well.. Objectively speaking, my room is the dirtiest. I admit...
Jungshin : Yes, it is! (laugh)

Q. What do you want to do at dating?
A. Holding hands
B. Crossing arms

Minhyuk : I'm A.
Yonghwa&Jonghyun&Jungshin : B.
Yonghwa : I sweat a lot at my palms. If I keep walking hand in hand, I can't feel good mood, it's too hard thing for me. (laugh).
Jonghyun : I like putting arms around her shoulder most.
Jungshin : If we're arm in arm, I think I can feel we're together.
Jonghyun : Then isn't it good too to put arms around her waste?

Q. What word makes you happy if you hear it from woman?
A. You're funny.
B. You're reliable.

All : B!
Jonghyun : I think Korean men don't like to hear "You're funny", do we?
Jungshin : It's nothing happy but definitely I want to hear "You're reliable". But having a sense of humor is also a good thing. (bitter smile)
Yonghwa : Hmm~ but A may make me happy too. Both are good meaning.

Q. What do you want your girlfriend to wear at dating?
A. One piece dress
B. Short pants

Jonghyun&Minhyuk&Jungshin : One piece dress.
Yonghwa : B. Short pants are what only people who are confident to themselves can wear.
Jonghyun : Men don't want to let their girlfriends wear shorts such as short pants, But also men basically want to see it (laugh). I am answering A, but my true heart may be B. (laugh)
Minhyuk : What is that?! (laugh) One piece dress seems cuter. Just my imagination...

Q. You know all about the others' dating history!
Yes or No

Yonghwa : I can't say that I know all about each case. I think I just have appropriate level of knowledge.
Jonghyun : Right. Basically we don't have secret. But I am not interested in members' love affair! (laugh)
All : Hey! (laugh)

Japanese to Korean translated by @akanzh
Korean to English translated by me, sorry not that good translation.

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