@DanKennett UNCUT, Unedited #Suarez Press Conference 30-05-2013.
SOURCE: http://www.seleccionuruguayadefutbol.com/2013/05/mayor-luis-suarez-en-conferencia-de.html

Q: What can you say about the repercussions [your statements had] on the international media?

#Suarez: "Every time I talk, it gets turned into something huge. I only said I'm very happy in Liverpool, I'll be forever grateful for the way the club and fans treated me. I love being there because it's a spectacular club and city, and I still have a contract there. I said it's hard to say no to Real Madrid because it's normal, you always dream about [being in] big teams. But I don't have anything yet, I haven't spoken neither to Real nor LFC, nobody, even my agent hasn't told me anything yet and that's what keeps me calm. What happens is that there have been speculations and that's why everything I say will be turned into something big.

Q: With that said, do you think it's the right time for a change?

#Suarez: "Yes, obviously. On the subject that I spoke about yesterday and will keep repeating, it's a complicated and difficult moment on which I am a human being and have feelings, and I've suffered because things have being said that aren't true. They haven't valued me as a player on the pitch but only my attitude so, it pisses you off. This has been going for a while so, you have limits, you have a family that suffers as well and it's really tough."

Q: "Do you feel identified with RM's playing style? There are other teams that want you so, which team's style do you identify at the moment?"

#Suarez: "To this day I feel identified with #Liverpool, not to mention I have a contract with them. They saw great potential in me and I grew up as a player in #Liverpool, but always in transfer windows there are many rumors, this [the window] is only getting started, I don't want to imagine what's to come next.”

Q: Yesterday you talked about LFC's support for you but, have you thought that the sensation the journalists and the FA transmit [to the people in England] could expand to the rest of Europe? [This question is a bit weird but it has to do with LS having a "reputation"]

#Suarez: "I don't think so, I think that the interested clubs will be interested in 'Suarez the player', not his attitudes. I made a mistake, I apologized and regretted it. I already said it, that's clear enough. And I think one [himself] should be more aware of the mistake I made in case I go to other club or stay at #LFC, I can't keep doing things wrong, I think I've learned and it's a lesson for the future."

Q: Are you aware that Atletico's interested in your services? and 2.- Are you seduced by spanish football because of its playing style or simply because the environment in England has gone complicated and turned unsuitable for you to continue?

#Suarez: I think that there will always be interest of clubs and it's going to be talked about a lot, but I've never got anything personally or [been asked] to talk with anyone of any team. But it's kind of the two things, one of them I always said it, In England, I'm in the best league in the world in my opinion, and the spanish league is up there too, they're two of the best leagues in the world.

In England [there] is spectacular football, and I think I've shown bravery, I've moved on with what happened on the racism case. And after this [Ivanovic case] I've felt bad because like I said, things have been said that made me feel uncomfortable. I have a daughter to look after, she's important too and I think [I should] put her out of that environment, of those things like "her father's bad". I'd rather change because of that, it doesn't have anything to do with #LFC or anything like that. It's just in the sense of me feeling bad, I'm a human being, I have feelings and I'd love to play in another league too."

Q: On a possible move, what do you prioritize the football aspect, the team you 'like' the best, or the economic?

#Suarez: "If it was down to the economic [reason] I would've already left for the countries that have been mentioned before but, I am prioritizing my family, my image and I think that's what I care about the most. I went through a complicated & difficult moment from which I'd love to get out, & I'm not saying this because I'm here [in Uruguay] or anything, but cause the manager and my teammates know what I went through. I was mistreated and didn't feel comfortable, they know that perfectly, and I think it'll be understandable if one day I get to leave #Liverpool."

Q: About the english press, what was the last straw [that broke the camel's back]?
#Suarez: "First of all, the thing of the paparazzi following all the time, every move I made, everything I did. I couldn't take my child to the park, go to the market or anything, it's something like, you're exposed, but well, not to mention they've said absurdities. Pictures every day, mockings, from which none [of the media] came forward to defend me.

I think-- I already knew the talk about me possibly being the Player of the Year, I said it on the club's website I think, that I [knew I] wasn't going to win any award because of the way they treated me. Our captain, Gerrard, came forward to say I wasn't being treated fairly, and well the last straw was the mistake I made, which I accepted, but they exceeded the limit as well."

Q: Now outside of England, but on the same line of thought. Are you surprised the incident in Chile got into the hands of FIFA?

#Suarez: Yes! It surprises you because if we look at everything that happens in the box we'd have like 5 or 10 actions where you feel like someone is getting suspended, it even happened last night on Boca vs. Newell's.

If everything's looked at, it will be complicated and there won't be any players left. Well, also it surprised me that the President of those who were watching me [Probably disciplinary committee] was english, irish, or somewhere around that, so you know where it's coming from. It's a constant thing, the Minister of I-don't-know-what was like "Suarez is this and that to the children" or something. He should worry about his business, we're trying to do our job here and I can't apologize more than I already did."

Q: Were you left wanting to see Evra? Because the Uruguayan public was expecting him to come and [so they could] show you their support

#Suarez: "No, at all. I already played against him a few times, it's on the past, I think it's something left behind and well, to me if he had come he was going to be just another player I could play against on the pitch."

Q: Do you have a deadline to say if you are going to stay or leave #Liverpool?

#Suarez: "No, I don't. I don't know if I'm going to leave and I don't know if I'm going to stay, the club knows perfectly what I think. They know what I went through but hey, I have a contract with #LFC, if I stay, I stay delightfully cause it's a spectacular club, but at the same time they know it's difficult cause of the harassment I received from the press there, and they know that perfectly"

Note: This is only a UNEDITED, uncut translation, it’s not made by a professional, but only by a latin american LFC fan who also feels like Luis is being misunderstood. Most of the criticism and slagging by the press since the racism row with Evra have hit me as well because I am part of the Latin American culture they criticize so much because they’ve failed to understand.

If he doesn’t leave, I’ll have him gladly, but if he goes, I can’t personally blame him for it, no matter how much some fans and people think it’s just an excuse. You can take only so much bullshit. He’s made a mistake twice, but he’s accepted both (even though I still think he’s not guilty on the Evra case) and moved on as well.


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