Hugh Laurie was left without a suit before a concert in Minsk
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Baggage musician stuck in Helsinki, where Hugh Laurie and his team have done transplant. Now have to buy costumes in Minsk.

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MOSCOW, May 30 - RIA Novosti. Baggage British musician and actor Hugh Laurie and his team, who arrived in Minsk to speak on Friday at the Palace of the Republic, will not be delivered on time due to an oversight air carrier, said RIA Novosti concert organizers.

"Hugh Laurie and his band flew from London to Minsk with a change in Helsinki. For some reason, in Helsinki, the airline has decided to replace the promised aircraft on a smaller and more by more inexplicable reason luggage musicians in this plane is not got. General. And in luggage were their personal effects and costumes, so now Lori simply nothing to act, "- said the representative of the organizers.

As she said, "because this flight Minsk - Helsinki - Minsk fly three times a week and tomorrow it is not assigned, then the concert artists to deliver the luggage will not have time."

"Of course, the concert because of this we are not going to cancel, but certain difficulties arise. Fortunately, the tools and the equipment is going to Minsk on trailers, but the costumes have to go and buy tomorrow in Minsk or come up with something else," - said the spokeswoman.

She did not specify what kind of company has brought so much inconvenience "House MD", RIA Novosti but found out that it is the national airline of Belarus' Belavia "that flies the route Minsk - Helsinki - Minsk three times a week, including Thursday. The agency does not yet have the comment "Belavia".

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