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29th May 2013 from TwitLonger

Some media speculation has resulted in masses of people panicking (which we've been watching unfold on Twitter and slowly migrating to Facebook since this morning).

Genuinely awesome to witness the huge amount of passion and support for the venue HOWEVER, the worry is quite unnecessary. We appreciate there has been a tragic run of rock venue closures across the country over the past few years which no doubt fuels this fire a little bit.

There is a POTENTIAL residential development occurring next door to our venue. IF the said development gets approval and goes ahead, it'll take quite some time to complete (well over a year currently).

We're on good terms with the developers and have been in consultation with them for several months, they are working with us and we with them. There is no "We're Being Forced Out!!" thing going on here. Everything is cool.

Ultimately as the tenant it is down to us which direction we go in the future and right now things are just fine. Do us a favour, let your friends/Romans/countrymen know about this message, it'll give our inbox a breather ;)

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