@mguhlin @unklar funny...the irony is that laptops req contortions u r familiar with. No learnibg is wthout wrinkles ;-) (pun intnded)
Well . . . laptops come with keyboards, and you don't have to install them or search for blue-tooth to make them work. With Windows 7 and later the laptop finds the projector when you plug it in, no dongle necessary. Printer installation on a laptop is pretty easy, even with a network printer--and you don't have to buy an app. Google Drive works really well with laptops and submitting student work is really easy. Laptops have lots of hard drive for backing up files, and it's at least as easy to use Dropbox or Sugar Sync on a laptop as on an iPad.

And with reference to @mrhooker's comment on creativity, my yearbook staff would be surprised to hear that their creativity has been limited all this time on PCs.

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