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25th May 2013 from TwitLonger

Show FB some defiance. Tell them to stop censoring this pic. pic.twitter.com/2WbihyARMP #FBrape More than 200,000 have complained about their policies permitting hate speech against women, defended as "freedom of expression", yet they do nothing. This picture is posted and removed immediately as "offensive". WTF!?

The photo of a bare-chested man and woman was created to show the sexism of FB. It was removed from the original poster (see below); it was removed from my personal FB page; it was removed from my Evolving Minds Want To Know page--for being offensive! Is there something wrong a woman's body being used for teaching about sexism, or does Facebook only allowed a woman's body to be exploited as a punching bag, or for the benefit of sick rape humor? If you FB, DOWNLOAD and share this pic (change the file name), and copy/paste this message below, in defiance.

"This image was just removed from Facebook after I posted it here last night. I don't know how they found it, or how it's even offensive. When I reported a video of a teenager shagging an aubergine, they left it up for a week. There are 'jokey' rape groups, DV groups, even porn groups that are still on Facebook... Yet THIS picture, depicting the similarities between the male/female breast is offensive enough to be removed, even though the whole point of the picture is to prove how sexist our society is because women's anatomy is shameful and offensive... Facebook, you've just proved your misogyny." -- by Martha Scott

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