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May 25th, 2013 Blue Moon in Korea Day 1

My friend and I arrived at the venue at around 2:30pm. We first took photos of the rice wreath outside the stadium, but i figured there were too many so i decided to get in line for the goods first. I knew it was gonna be a long line, but it was soooo long; so different from what i experienced in Hong Kong-short lines lol 0.0 (the whole experience outside the stadium was so different). I ended up waiting for almost two hours before i could get the goods and get back to my friend @_@ p.s i was surprised by how many japanese fans who attended this concert!! i think there were more japanese than koreans…-.-…no offense! > _ <
Given both my friends and I didn't know korean (we only know a few simply vocals > _ <) and my japanese is still not that good yet, we were so confused when it was time to enter the stadium. But thank god we finally got to the gate before they let people in. Our seats were around the middle of the second floor, closer to Jong Hyun's side. We wanted to take photos of the EMPTY stadium before the concert even started, but the security stopped us instantly :((( i just don't get why we can take photos of it before the concert…-.- So we ends up sitting there, resting, for about an hour, and the concert started shortly after 6pm (wow on time!!).

Set list:
Where you are (english)
Get away (kr)
One time (kr)

During the first three songs, Jong Hyun's guitar/distortion pedal did not work well. When the guitar did not sound right during Where You Are, Jong Hyun seemed unhappy and pointed kinda fiercely at his distortion pedal, signaling the staff members to fix it. :(( but this happens a lot, glad it was solved soon though :) The security was as strict as usual, once you were found taking a picture, the security will ask you to leave instantly; my friend was caught, but we pretended we couldn't understand and the staff gave up. > _ <~
I couldn't understand what all the MC was talking about, so i used this time to quickly jot down the set list and some notes on my iPhone hehe.
Oh, and, i forgot which song, maybe One Time (?), Min Hyuk's drum stage (which was leveled up) shift forward. He was so excited to talk about it during the MC part (at least that's what my friend interpreted it > _ <)

A man like me
Coffee shop
Have a good night
Wake up

To be honest, i didn't listen to the REBLUE a lot, at most three times..? so i couldn't recall the name when they performed A Man Like Me (although i could guess it correctly). Similar to how i felt listening to the CD, A Man Like Me and Coffee Shop didn't attract me that much. On the contrary, the newer japanese songs (i.e Have A Good Night and Wake Up) sounded quite nice live; i thought they were so so when i listened to the mp3--that's a good thing hehe their live is great :))

Love light
Feeling (remix) - beautiful stage!!!! BLUE~~ love JH's solo~~~!
These days (Kr)
W, why (remix) -LOVE THE SOLO~~

Here's the start of where i really enjoyed the concert > V <~ Love Light, as usual, i just LOVE JH & YH's duet; just BEAUTIFUL < 3 Yong Hwa used his acoustic, and Jong Hyun played on his electric. I don't know if it's just me not remembering stuff, but i think this is my first time hearing Love Light with electric guitar, and Jong Hyun had a solo too 0.0 that solo was great > w <~~ Next up was Feeling, with Yong Hwa on the keyboard. At first, it was only Yong Hwa solo-ing with keyboard, then at the second verse everybody joined in. I ABSOLUTELY LOOVEEDD THIS PART > /// < ~~ not only was Jong Hyun's solo amazing, the stage lights were FANTASTIC! Blue lights shining down~They were actually sparkles, and when they shone on the audience + stage, it made me feel like i was really observing the universe in front of me 0.0~ too bad i couldn't take a picture of it.. :'( (but i'm sure those pro fans out there did, hehe : 3 ) Following Feeling was These Days. To be honest, this song is soooo different from the rest, 'cause it was jazz, but as expected, live sounded sooooo good!!! Too bad it was in korean > _ < (sorry, i love only the song with original vocal languages…it just sounds different for me when it's in a different language DX BUT it doesn't mean that their live performance was bad-it was awesome!! just the language bothers me..) Jong Hyun was so….(sorry to use this adjective but…> /// < ) beautiful! Under those stage lights, and his beautiful voice…omg, i just DIED! Next is Y, Why. Ever since i heard the strings remix from Blue Storm, i fell in love with this song! This time, they went back to the previous arrangement before Blue Storm (i think….i'm not sure DX - i shall buy the DVD when it comes out so i can make sure TUT). What most excited me was Jong Hyun's solo!! It was just AWESOME!!!! (sorry, i know i'm really biased when it comes to solos but…GAAHH). So much Jongasm, shaking his head with closed eyes-he's just totally immersed into the music < 3 < 3 < 3

Just please (kr)
In my head (kr)

The talk between these two sessions was quite short. Before i could finish typing on my iPhone, Lalala started already. This was my favorite song from REBLUE, but the live surprised me!! It was soooo rock style, i couldn't stop swinging my hand (of course, as usual, holding up Jong Hyun's favorite hand gesture kkk) and moving my body + headbanging. After that was Just Please, as usual, the must hear + must perform rock song of CNBLUE :DD When the intro began, it reminded me of my experience in Blue Storm Hong Kong, when i was caught taking photos are had to leave to put away my camera > _ < ~ Horrible memory, but finally, i could listen to the full Just Please live!! This song is just so well performed, as expected, since they've performed live so many times already. This song just never disappoints me. Same with Tattoo, which was the next song. Recently (i think since last year?), they really like to extend the intro of Tattoo, and leave us hanging there before they get into the song…> /// < ~ Overall, Tattoo is my favorite song of the whole concert. The intro, the full song, Jong Hyun's solo, and the out-tro just dragged and held me in the whole time. I still can't get out of it! It happens to me every time i listen to it! > _ < ~ Following that is In My Head~!! This was also another really energetic song, but again, in korean so…> _ < ! But gladly, this time Yong Hwa didn't roar as much as before, I hope he notices that this way is better.. > _ < Actually, throughout today's concert, Yong Hwa's vocal condition was quite good :DD
This session was my favorite part of the concert; the whole stadium was just in total heat!! The only bad thing was that it was really misty…..probably because they used a lot of fireworks effects..? And i could smell something burnt around this time of the concert (the smell when you just blew out a candle or match). :((

Im sorry

Last part of the actual concert (it lasted for about one hour and forty-five minutes-a little short…-.-)~ At this point, the heat from the previous session didn't ware out yet, so the mood was really high as well during the next three songs. Starting from Lalala, the whole stadium was singing along really loudly, it was awesome :D Especially during these three songs, the fans sung with so much power! Just amazing :)

Hey you
Love girl
Impromptu: jazz + yh beatbox+jh keyboard!!! Sounds like these days

I think they went backstage for about five minutes (?) and then started suddenly with Hey You when the white blind dropped down. So surprising lol but fun!!! > V < ~~ (again, reminded me of Blue Storm last year..) Here, fans' voices were so loud as well haha, we're just high man!! XD During Love Girl, Jong Hyun walked onto the ring in front of the stage, but he had to go back at some point. Before he started to run back, his part begun already, and when i looked at his original position, there was a staff kneeling there (no idea doing what). I wonder what the staff was doing. Did he help Jong Hyun push the distortion? Or was he just fixing something? Hmmm….. Anyway, after that was a short jazz impromptu~~~~< 3 The whole impromptu sounded very similar to These Days, especially when Jong Hyun was at the Keyboard!!! Before Jong Hyun went to the keyboard, Yong Hwa suddenly started beatboxing haha I couldn't understand what he was singing before so.. XP

You've fallen for me

During You've Fallen For Me, Yong Hwa picked up a fan's bunny ear headband and put it on. He then passed it to Jong Hyun but it dropped, so Jong Hyun picked it up quickly and went straight into his guitar part. Soon Jong Hyun had a slight break before his next guitar part so he put it on~~~~ omg he was soooo f***ing cute!!! After his second guitar part, he passed by Jung Shin's side on his way back to his original spot, and Jung Shin knocked it off Jong Hyun's head lol~ Jong Hyun looked back for like a second and then continued his path because it was his solo coming up~!! After his solo, Jung Shin ran and put the headband back on Jong Hyun's head again hahaha so cute > V < ~ Then Jong Hyun went on Min Hyuk's stage (at his point Min Hyuk's stage was shifted forward again~~~) and put it on Min Hyuk's head. Min Hyuk didn't like it ( i suppose) and quickly took it off shortly after. The stadium was filled with smoke so i couldn't see whether Jung Shin put it on or not before he gave it back to Jong Hyun, but still!!! this passing game omg> _ < ~~~ Wonder where that bunny ear headband is now 0.o
I think it was during the second part of You've Fallen For Me, Jong Hyun turned his back to the audience and was dancing away, moving back to his original spot lol that was so cute! moving his butt and stuff hahah XDDD


Before Love, Yong Hwa asked different sections of the audience to shout out different words. The right side (YH's right side when facing the audience) was LOVE LOVE CLAP LOVE, and the left side was CLAP CLAP LOVE CLAP. The Second round was right side Wak-ah-wak-check it one two, and left side some random beatbox ahahha. Stop fooling/making fun of us Yong Hwa!!! > _ < ~~~ lol XP

Try again smile again

Here comes the funny part hahaha….During Try Again Smile Again, when the song hit the climax, there was suppose two be like a two measures of pause for the vocals when the instruments continued (it's hard to explain that part in words for me DX sorry > _ < ), Yong Hwa sang after the first beat instead of the second, and when he heard Jong Hyun singing he was so shocked (huge shocked eyes with one hand covering his O-shaped mouth) hahahaha so cute wwwww~~ But this is part of what live is!! XDD

I can't remember when, but maybe before Love? Yong Hwa asked the audience to do the wave~hehehe, it was fun, but not as fun as i expected lol, cause i didn't understand a thing he said, until i finally figured we were gonna do the wave…We did it twice, from left to right, then right to left~i heard Yong Hwa's parents also participated in the wave, that's so cute :3

I think that's about it i can remember….i'm sorry for being so biased…i literally focused most on Jong Hyun during the concert, his Jongasm expressions, movements etc…>///< but the mist atmosphere really ruined most of it -.-…!!! Today, mostly Yong Hwa and Jung Shin talked, Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk was generally quiet; too concentrated on the performance i guess XDD

Now that i've experienced the korean live, my next goal is japanese live-hopefully zepp tour..!! > _ < ~~ fighting fighting!!


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