Season Pass details! From the developer:

"Artyom's story may have been concluded in Metro: Last Light, but there are other characters with stories to tell, some familiar locations that fans of the Metro series wanted to revisit, and some new challenges that 4A wanted to explore," said Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director at 4A Games. "Since completing the game we have been working on these new stories and hope to release them throughout the summer."

Now that Metro: Last Light has gone gold, and has been released after the long wait for Metro fans, the studio will continue their work not just on continuous updates and fixes, but also on creating new content.

This will be single player content that is set in the same Metro universe, but which isn't part of Artyom's personal journey in Metro: Last Light. 4A Games had great ideas for special content they wanted to make beyond the main game and its focused story-driven campaign, and Deep Silver also loved their ideas, so now the developer will have the time and resources to turn those ideas into a reality.

The Season Pass is $14.99 / £11.99 / €14.99 or 1200 MS Points.

It collects all the new content 4A Games is creating, at a discount. You will be able to buy the Season Pass at any time.

Season Pass contents:

The "Faction Pack" and the "Chronicles Pack," which both focus on new and original single player gameplay and stories that expand upon the Metro: Last Light universe.

The "Tower Pack" focuses on challenge and pure gameplay for Metro veterans.

The "Developer Pack" will give creative players some interesting tools with which to explore the world of Metro.

In addition to these different individual Packs, the Season Pass includes the Absats weapon -- a buckshot-firing heavy machine gun -- ready for use in the Metro!

Full details and prizing for each individual Pack will be released later. The first Pack to be released will be the "Faction Pack," scheduled for release in June. The other Packs will follow throughout this Summer.

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