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17th May 2013 from TwitLonger

My En Busca De Un Idolo 2013 picks...

I am cautiously optimistic about this year's En Busca De Un Idolo. I much prefered last year's format with younger/newer guys looking to make names for themselves. I like the crew they've put together this year and I understand the concept of 'Now or Never'. I'm just a little worried these guys have been around so long they understand CMLL doesn't tend to reward people who have good matches and are over with the crowd. So I wonder how much actual motivation they'll have to put on a good show rather than just treating it as generic lightning matches the likes of which we've seen many of this crew involved in over the past few months.

Stuka Jr.: It really seems like 'now' for him since he recently main evented H2L & had a major match with Escorpion for the CMLL Light Heavyweight Title. He'd be a solid pick to advance but I just don't envision him as a future main eventer after clearly being positioned as a mid-carder for so long.

Valiente: Another guy who definitely seems like a 'now' person. He just started a new main event trio with Mascara Dorada & Mistico II. That's why I'd rather have seen someone like Sagrado in this slot since he really fits the purpose of this tournament. Valiente seems like the overwhelming favorite to win the popularity contest, that's for sure.

Vangelis: Say what you want - I think Vangelis is good! My support for him started as a joke since the idea of him actually being a semi-main eventer in CMLL was a joke but he's grown on me and improved in the ring. His look actually makes him stand out though I wouldn't be opposed to ditching the nazi stuff at some point in this tournament. I'm not really sure where he stands amongst the group of rudos involved in this tournament. I guess we'll find out.

Tiger: Another confusing one. Isn't he a 'now' guy? He's in the TRT! He was just main eventing this Tuesday. Why does he need to win this tournament? Granted I don't like him in TRT but CMLL doesn't seem to have another 'T' to replace him if he leaves unless Vangelis becomes Tangelis.

Fuego: I think this is the guy to watch in the tournament. Not only is he over with the crowd & very talented but he needs a gimmick change in the worst possible way and this would be the perfect time. He was the odd man out when CMLL needed an unmasked guy to team with Stuka Jr. and this is the perfect time to have that come into play if they plan on doing storylines here like they did last year.

Hijo Del Fantasma: If nepotism was a factor he'd be the top choice to win. Oh wait... this is CMLL! He's gonna win! Honestly I'm not a fan of him at all. He's a pretty lazy worker and completely generic. He won't be changing gimmicks and appears to be not be overly worried about getting a push so I think it'd be silly to give him a win in this tournament but he definitely comes across as the safe guy CMLL would choose.

Misterioso II: My opinion on him kinda soured after a disappointing showing in Japan. He's talented but just like his buddy Fantasma he's very generic and has a tendency to get very lazy and just work the same exchanges no matter who he is working against. CMLL has a large number of rudos like him already on top of cards which could work against him winning this.

Sangre Azteca: 10 years ago he would have been my #1 pick to win and I'd be starting the #porraSangreAzteca campaign to make sure he came out victorious. But it's 2013, not 2003. He has long since given up. I'd like to imagine there's a fantasy world where he suddenly realizes how much talent he has and gets the motivation to steal the show in this tournament but that ain't happening in this real world. Although I would have giant LOL's daily if CMLL decided now was the time to push him into a top stable since they currently have 4 Revolucions & 4 Guerreros.

The wildcard here is of course the fan voting. Last year the only reason Titan won was because of fan voting. If the same thing happens this year we hold the power. We can pick who advances and pick the ultimate finalists. Taking that into account...

IF CMLL has the final say on who advances and controls the fan voting I expect the final 4 to be: Hijo Del Fantasma, Valiente, Tiger & Misterioso.

IF CMLL just books the tournament randomly like last year & the fan voting comes into play big time the final 4 will probably be: Valiente, Stuka Jr., Fuego & Vangelis (*).

* -> It'll probably be Misterioso but I will do my damndest to make sure it's Vangelis instead!

Ideally I would like to see the tournament come down to Fuego vs Valiente w/ Fuego winning and getting a new look to go with (hopefully) a push.

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