H.R. 1406. is an attack on families, #yourtime #p2 #u1 #tcot #Classwar #ANON #OWS #LIES

H.R. 1406 basically allows employers to roll time worked over 40 hours into "compensation time" instead of overtime it is a true end to the 40 hour work week.

Under Current law , hourly employees are paid 1 1/2 times the rate for hours worked more than 40 hours However, with H.R. 1406 , Employers can take all of those wages earned above 40 hours and put into a pot for future time off AT EMPLOYERS discretion.

In order to take a day off employees have to hope their employer allows them to work over , This takes away the incentive for employers to offer actual sick leave, It's also possible Employers will cease hiring new employees when they can simply run a few ragged for 60 or 70 hours without having to pay them more than their base pay, this also amounts to a no-interest loan to employers from workers. There is also a 160 hour cap on the compensation time, and the employers can set the time limits as for how long you can get compensated for the time you already worked.

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