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13th May 2013 from TwitLonger

#CTL #UB #p2 - Fuck You #CauldronOfStupid & I'm done w/ #UniteBlue

Up to now, I have been unapologetic about my support for anyone using whatever group/hashtag to rally around.

Supporting #UniteBlue has cost me ppl i have known since #SusanGKomen action

I even believe that the uniteblue webapp would be a wonderful tool to organize for actions like #susangkomen or #stoprush

but i am still waiting for #Uniteblue to prove itself able to rally anything more than twitterbomb

truth is i don't know any of the ppl who have followed me since I joined UniteBlue

I didn't recall their involvement in #SusanGKomen or #StopRush

never heard of the crazies that have self-identified as #UniteBlue defenders - the ones i call the #cauldronOfStupid

but the quality of my timeline has suffered greatly - more Facebook -ish clubby socializing- less news & info

i tried #Libcrib. i tried the website. i've decide its not for me, but #FreedomOfAssembly, baby...


Only time i have EVER been suspended was after a member of #cauldronOfStupid trolled me on my sock account

I have never been suspended by #TGDN or #TCOT or #Liberty. EVER. in 3 years.

I've had many civilized conversations w/ a UBdissenters who accepted that i saw good things about #UB

Let me repeat that: The only time I got suspended was after being trolled by a member of #cauldronOfStupid

#UniteBlue defenders aka #CauldronOfStupid have lost all measure of sanity

the "threat" of a laughable & bogus federal lawsuit by #CauldronOfStupid has pushed me over the edge

#Anon got involved in #CTL v #UB bc #CauldronOfStupid was defending an asshole who pled guilty to 2 cts #Sex Expl Minor

#CauldronOfStupid even went so far as to compare this man to #AaronSwarz

#CauldronOfStupid has claimed "someone" even planted evidence on this man's 2 computers (& briefcase) in 2005 to bring down

#CauldronOfStupid was defending a kiddie porn collector & got the attention of #Anonymous. Things were said & done

#Anonymous takes pedophiles on twitter very serious.

Twitter long-timers backed away slowly, including the UB dissenters bc we're not stupid

Ppl were doxxed, accusations flew. Servers were investigated. It was ugly.

At some point the #Anon OmegleWarden decided he was misreading the situation, backed down, proffered an apology & took himself out

Shortly thereafter NealR's assessment of server dump --> "a fat load of disinformation"

#UniteBlue got an apology from Omegle & "clean"-ish pass from NealR. That's as good as it gets on the Internet.

Suddenly there is a pastebin yammering about a federal lawsuit agst a laundry list of dissenters, lurkers, & passers-by

#UniteBlue & #CauldronOfStupid should've taken the apology & made peace

Instead #CauldronOfStupid starts feeling all GenghisKhan&shit, demanding shit

Q's those doxx'd should be asking: why is my ss# so easily available?

Answer: Your SS is freely available in some forum you don't wanna venture into & that happened way before this past wkend

Another Q: Did you get an email from #UniteBlue asking for money? I did.

Has @Shoq ever asked anyone for money? Not me.

Has @OsborneInk ever asked for money? Not me.

Has AngryBlackLady? Karoli? GottaLaff? Not me.

I don't even like some of those ppl but I know their politics & respect their works

While #UniteBlue founders were working for the other side, a lot of those activists were at Netroots

don't know Netroots? then shut the fuck up & get out of the way, son

If I'm going to give money or personal information to a liberal group it'll be OFA, DCCC, or someone with some chops

bc the business plan of #UniteBlue is reminding me a little too much of AliAkbar

http://www.breitbartunmasked.com/rogues-gallery/national-bloggers-club-founder-ali-akbar-convicted-felon/ http://conservativehideout.com/2012/06/05/brett-kimberlin-update-ali-akbar-targeted/

So Fuck You #CauldronOfStupid & I'm done w/ #UniteBlue

a lot of nice ppl in UniteBlue but ANYONE RT's any member of #CauldronOfStupid will get blocked

anyone RT's @Political_Bill or any of his many puppet accounts will be blocked

i consider anyone defending #PoliticalBill on par with women who write love letters to serial killers

if any of this offends you, unfollow me. I promise i don't care enough about you to challenge that decision or stalk you

BTW -- Fuck you #CauldronOfStupid see ya in court if you ver get that far with your bull shit #UB #CTL #p2

#CauldronOfStupid exposing #UniteBlue to potentially ugly scrutiny in federal court even more delicious

a good lawyer would posit the #CauldronOfStupid is under #UniteBlue guidance http://pastebin.com/vixPYuan

BTW: wtf is wrong you #CauldronOfStupid ? or you all #RWNJ sock puppets fucking around to mortally divide the liberal Twitter community?

BTW who in their right mind is gonna believe that TN Supreme Court website has been hacked just to malign @political_bill? o right #CauldronOfStupid

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