On Saturday, May 11th ,2013, at 20:15 is the big finale of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". But the DSDS finalist Lisa Wohlgemuth (21) from Neundorf, who's suffering from laryngitis, is currently being treated by a doctor and has absolutely speaking - and singing ban. Lisa is preparing as much as possible for the finale performance, took part in the performance rehearsals, but singing rehearsals were previously not possible for her. Tonight, she'll get checked once again by a doctor. We hope she can compete on Saturday against Beatrice Egli (24) from Switzerland.

If her condition does not change, however, the third place winner, Ricardo Bielecki (20) from Bochum, who didn't make it to the finale last Saturday, will compete against Beatrice Egli in the final.

Entertainment chief at RTL, Tom Sänger: "For the finale we have a clear rule: If a final candidate can not compete, the third-placed candidate will get the chance to fight for the title. In this case it's Ricardo Bielecki. After all the third place is also chosen very far from the crowd and they remember him."

Ricardo Bielecki: "I hope this won't happen, because the crowd has voted for Lisa to get in the finals. But if there is no other way, I would of course take this chance and won't let the show down."

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