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8th May 2013 from TwitLonger


From 00:30 to 04:30

JH: We love K viewers~! I'm CNBLUE's Jonghyun who acted as Colin in A Gentleman's Dignity.

Q: What kind of character is Colin?
JH: Colin has a cool and chic appearance but his real heart is very warm.

Q: Thoughts about your first drama appearance?
JH: At first I was very nervous about acting and I thought a lot about not doing it. I can not do it recklessly because I also have musical activities. I thought that making music for a lifetime is difficult enough and doing two things at the same time and wanting to be good at both of them is greed. My acting skill was really lacking but I learned a lot while acting in this drama and it was also very enlightening work for my life.

Q: The parts that you can sympathize yourself with Colin's character change between the first and the second half?
JH: I like the second half's Colin more than the first half's. Because he looks more mature. First, Colin looked bad and cheeky but at the second half, he became very nice. I like the second half's Colin very much. Actually, it's really different from my real self but I think,because of that,I enjoyed acting as him.

Q: Please tell us a episode about Jang DongGun and Kim HaNeul.
JH: One day Jang Dong Gun sunbae-nim said to me "I hope my son grows up fast just like you" and at that moment I felt really good. I felt like I was approved by him as a son.Kim Ha Neul sunbae-nim also made delicious meals for us while filming AGD. She guided me and taught me very well.

Q: If you cast CNBLUE members as the drama's 4 main characters?
JH: We also talked about it while watching the drama. JungShin as JungRok, MinHyuk as Yoon. At first I thought I was like DoJin but when I think about it,my character is more like TaeSan. So, me as Taesan and YongHwa hyung as DoJin. Because he said "I want to act as DoJin" His image is like DoJin, isn't it?

JH: A Gentleman's Dignity is my first drama appearance and it's really an enjoyable work. I heard that this drama is being broadcast in Japan too. It's really a funny drama so please watch it! Please look forward to it! It was JongHyun!(It's an ending phrase in Japanese)


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