Today's Daily Report from #Banias, #Syria on May 6th.

The campaign of shelling and massacres in Banias and its villages stopped today; however, the fear of massacres still continues among the people. Security forces opened the road today to the neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba' and Batraya. The smell of the corpses of the martyrs has spread throughout the city. The Red Crescent accompanied some of the people to remove the bodies, which led to the discovery of more bodies of martyrs, who were field-executed and slaughtered with knives (especially children). There is a huge number of martyrs who have not yet been documented. Regime forces dug up a large hole on the outskirts of the city as a mass grave for the martyrs of Ras Al-Naba'.

The neighborhood of Ras Al-Naba'a and the village of Bayda are declared a disaster-zone and not suitable for further life whatsoever, after witnessing a campaign of ethnic cleansing of the Sunnis on the coast by Assad forces.

Bayda Village shows absolutely no traces of human life. All the homes were burned by security forces and the Syrian Army buried the bodies in mass graves. Activists, however, continue to discover many new bodies unburied in the jungles of the village.

There is a large number of detainees in the village of Basateen Islam and we still do not know their fate. There has been news of their executions, but those reports have not been authenticated. We call on human rights organizations to intervene immediately and reveal where and what the regime has done to them.

Banias experienced a large movement of displaced families. According to families, the checkpoints at the entrances of Tartous took the identity cards of the people from Banias to prevent them from entering Tartous. The reports of families beings forced to sign contract waivers for their properties is untrue and false. They do not need us to sign papers to control our properties.

The massacre of Banias and Bayda are among the largest massacres since the beginning of the revolution, but unfortunately the media has not covered them, nor has any international country condemned the massacres (though we do not benefit from condemnation).

We affirm that there is no armed resistance that caused these massacres and the report that an ambush attacked regime forces is incorrect. Also, as seen in the leaked video, a general of the Syrian Army shows clear, sectarian intentions of entering Banias and ethnically cleansing the city.
Leaked video:

The Israeli air raid, which was regime-friendly, caused a cover to all the massacres. While the Arab League and Egyptian government denounced the Israeli raid, there was no condemnation or mention to the massacres happening in Syria through the execution, slaughter, and burning of human beings, or the bombardments of SCUD missiles and MiGs.

Videos of Ras Al-Naba' Massacre:
These are four videos documenting the situation of Ras Al-Naba' and Batraya in Banias today after activists managed to reach the neighborhoods where regime forces committed ethnic cleansing on their sectarian sentiments.


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