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6th May 2013 from TwitLonger

To my friends,

Such a sad state of affairs we have going on within the left-leaning community on Twitter these days.

Finding Twitter and all of you has been a beautiful thing for me over the last year or two. I have enjoyed your company immensely! I find that I consider many of you to be true friends. I think about you during the day. I suffer your pain when you feel it, and celebrate your joy along with you. And as odd as I feel saying this, I love you people!! I truly do.

Thus I suffer the thought of walking away from you, but things just aren't what they once were in these parts, and while I try to skirt the margins of all the drama that's been going on, I just can't let certain things go.

The saddest, and most frightening, is related to a man many of us know and held in high regard for his particular brand of political acumen recently pleading guilty to possessing child pornography.

There is a considerable amount of information regarding this matter available via highly LEGITIMATE PUBLIC SOURCES - including his own lawyers' website. The refusal by some to accept that these documents are legitimate, instead believing them to be fabricated as part of some elaborate doxing scheme is troubling.

Why would his own lawyers, The Tennessee Supreme Court, and the juristiction within which he is being prosecuted tolerate this? And the answer is they haven't. The man in question, I understand taking this position, others I am at a loss to understand.

People capable of critical thinking(us), who are then so inclined to read these documents and form an opinion as to what it all means, including the fact that a guilty plea is legally considered a conviction, are then too often called, stupid, idiots, morons, and worse - part of a lynch mob. This is unacceptable.

Further, many being appalled by a man who pled guilty to 2 counts of Sexual Exploitation of Minors still having access to Social Media is completely understandable. The bigger issue here is not that some are appalled by the crimes themselves, but that there seems to be a legal loophole which has precluded this man from having access to Social Media, Twitter in particular.

Casey Anthony did not plead guilty. She willingly faced a jury of her peers who in turn found her not guilty. Legally, she is therefore not guilty and is a free woman. Most of us believe she had something to do with the death of her daughter, but she is legally not guilty. So we must accept this and move on.

Michael Jackson was found not guilty of sexually exploiting a minor by a jury of his peers. And though many of us may have thought otherwise, we accepted this and moved on.

The man in question CHOSE to plead guilty to charges of Sexual Exploitation of Minors for having possessed 100's of images of child pornography. He has therefore been convicted of these crimes. There will be no trial and no evidence will be presented on his behalf because HE CHOSE TO PLEAD GUILTY. Straightforward stuff we hear and accept everyday.

One is not stupid, dumb, an idiot, a moron or part of a lynch mob for believing and expressing that he is therefore guilty.

Another battle's been a'brewin, and I have by and large stayed out of it hoping things would work out in the end. But also because I respect players on both sides of that field.

Where I have lost respect for some is in their initially cavalier attitude toward HIS guilty plea to Sexual Exploitation of Minors. I have witnessed people I once considered friends joking about this WITH the man in question, and expressed my disgust with them accordingly. I then used my block option, and have not had any further communication with any of them.

Moving on...

I know there are those among us who have compassion for all living souls. I respect such people immensely, but I ask you to truly consider the VICTIMS of Child Pornography - the Sexual Exploitation of Minors. CHILDREN!!! I do not ask that you do anything more than your conscience mandates, but these are children who have been sexually exploited. I will never be able to accept that. I don't ask that you pile on, but please respect these heinously exploited children by extricating yourselves from a relationship with a man who pled guilty to exploiting them.

On behalf of those of us who speak out about this, it REALLY is about protecting the innocence of our children.

Stop shooting the messenger on this ONE point. And please have at it where everything else is concerned. but on this one point, there should be no debate!

You have all meant so much to me and this embittered topic has been heartbreaking for me to endure. That said, where this topic is concerned, I stand FIRMLY on the side of those who exposed him, those who are trying to have him removed from Social Media, and those who hope that he will soon be gone.

I'll be leaving my account open for a few days, but will not be responding to any hate, or to any typo/grammar lunatics, after which I'll check in on 5/30 in the hopes the man in question has had his access to Social Media denied either through incarceration, or court order requiring such.

May we all do what we can to make sure NO child suffers, in ANY way! EVER!!

Much love!

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