@LouiseMensch I didn't ask you if your were fellating a man you work for. I assume you wrote that to suggest to your followers that I was saying "The only reason she's employed by Rupert Murdoch is because she's blowing him". Which would have been sexist.
Instead what I did, was ask how his cock tasted. The difference being that I'm not asking IF you're sucking Rupert's cock, but asserting that you definitely are.
I suppose a weak-minded sort may well think take this at face value. And certainly, from the torrent of communication you've unleashed on me via your followers this morning, it appears there's no lack of these. People who cannot imagine for one moment that the suggestion of fellatio may be used figuratively, not literally.
So, allow me to clarify. What I was suggesting was not that you are an active participant in the draining of an oligarch's spuds, but that you are a "Corporate cocksucker".
The online urban dictionary defines "Corporate cocksucker" as ..." a person who represents a corporation that is arrogant and condescending to others, as long as they cannot affect his or her status as a shill. Can also be defined as someone who will fuck you over for a nickel and then treat you like an asshole for asking for it back."
Now, whilst I've had a fair bit of flack from people suggesting that ANY sexualised insult aimed at a woman is inherently sexist, that isn't my experience. In my life I am surrounded by strong, smart, sassy, women who give as good as they get. Better, often. And in the conversations, disagreements and badinage that has been wrought from these relationships, I have never had the sense from these women that the simple act of possessing a vagina made them immune from insult, especially were they to espouse views as deeply unpleasantly as you do.
You work for the corporation that provably and repeatedly trampled vulnerable people underfoot for profit. That colluded with the powerful and the law to profit spectacularly. That daily serves up a diet of tits and lies that serve only it's shareholders. And when its victims come together to demand a better system, one that stops this from happening in the future, your paymasters and cronies bury that request and YOU gloat at it's death.
That's utterly disgusting. I believe in a free press, for what it's worth, but I don't believe the press we have currently is capable of handling that responsibility. To not see the nobility in fighting for change marks you down as a terribly low sort.
So, hide behind your charge of sexism all you want. I know what I meant, and I did mean to offend you. But not because you're a woman - because of the position you hold, the lies you sell and the fact that the more of your opinions I read, the more convinced I am that you are an awful human being.
My only hope for you is that you've realised that, having proven such a deeply pointless politician, you've realised that there may be money to be made by being a sort of comedy tory mouthpiece. That the acrid bile your pour out into the world is all part of your wider plan of one day profiting from such. After all, that'd make you almost like a real Tory MP, as opposed to the one you now have to pretend to be.
I accept that for my part, I should just unfollow you. I now have.

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