[INTERVIEW|TRANS] CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR LIVE IN BANGKOK 20131st Press Conference on May 3rd 2013 at The Aetas Lumpini Hotel
FNC & 411 Entertainment held the 1st press conference for CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR LIVE IN BANGKOK 2013 on May 3rd 2013 at The Aetas Lumpini Hotel.The concert will take place on May 4th 2013 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani.
MC: Please introduce yourselves.CNBLUE : (in Thai) We are CNBLUE.JS : (in Thai)Sawasdee Krub. I'm Jung Shin, the bassist.JH : (in Thai)Sawasdee Krub. I'm Jong Hyun, the lead vocalist & guitarist.YH : (in Thai)Sawasdee Krub. I'm Yong Hwa, the guitaris & lead Vocalist.MH : (in Thai)Sawasdee Krub. I'm Min Hyuk, the drummer.
MC : It's more than 1 year waiting to see you guys here, what is the most you would like to do while staying in Thailand?YH : We absolutely like to perform our best concert for our fans because every time we meet Thai Boices, they never change.They support us like they always be. We hope that everyone will enjoy and complete the concert together with us. MC : You are back in Thailand with CNBLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR LIVE IN BANGKOK 2013, Why is the 'Blue Moon'?MH : Blue Moon is something very powerful as you know. It is a second full moon which happens every years. It means that we are reborn.
MC : Do you prepare anything special for Thai Boices?YH : There's nothing special but full of our best. We prepare the full RE:BLUE to show for Thai Boices.
 MC : What song in the perfomance is similar to the concept 'Blue Moon'?YH : For the 'Blue Moon' concert, all the songs we perform are specially selected in the concept of 'Blue Moon'. MC : How about the 'Blue Moon' in other countries before the concert take place in Thailand?JS : We found a warm welcome in every countries we went. We did not have a chance to visit Thailand for a year.We always think about the concert. Are our Boices prepared for the concert? We hope that everybody ready to enjoy with us.
MC : The 'Blue Moon' is your 1st World Tour, where is the most surprising country in your schedual?YH : We hope it to be Thailand now. Actually, we feel surprise with every countries, Hong Kong (soon), Taiwan(Done) and Europe where the schedual still not confirm.
MC : After the 'RE:BLUE' album, do you have any plan to release new single or album in Korea this year?YH : We still not plan to release new album in Korea now because we are full with the concert preparation and acting activities.However, we are also on the process for new songs in the next album. Please follow and wait for us.
MC : How do you feel when you known that your new Japanse single album, with the songs 'Blind Love' and 'With Your Eyes' written by Jong Hyun 'Greedy Man' written by Yong Hwa, topped on Japanese Music Charts before the release date?JH : We feel thankful for our Boices and everyone who like our songs. We are writing songs now but not yet released. We hope our fans will love and support us as always.
MC : You guys released your own albums both in Korea and Japan, is there any different between the countries?JS : There's no different. Our fans enjoy its together no matter where they are.YH : It's very surprise! In every contries, When I give the microphone to our fans, they can sing every our songs. They remember the lyrics better than me.Ah! please do not think that I did not concentrate on my singing. I always concentrate on it. I'd just like to tell you that we khown how much our Boices pay attention on our songs.
MC : How about the languages? Are they different?YH : Every languages are different but the same for us. All language are difficult. MC : You guys have your hands full with concert tour, acting, Fashion model and CF activities. How do you manage the time for your rest and relaxation? MH : We have no time to relax when we work. However when we finish it, we have a time to chat, play songs or go to movies together. We will have our own activities after work.
MC : You guys had your own concert in many countries. Your songs also hit the Top charts in many countries with the High selling albums. Do you consider yourself successful in your carreer?YH : We think we still not succeed. Our goal is still so far from these. Many people may think that we alreay have the High Selling albums but we would like you to keep follow us. The World Tour is a step for us to reach for our goal. MC : If you have a chance to work with the world's artist, who is the one you would like?YH : We met JJ Lin in Taiwan. We had a chance to give him our T-Shirt and CD too. We think if we have a chance to work with him. This must be so great!
MC : You performed in many concerts. Which one is the great time you will never forget?JS : When we performed in Singapore, I saw the banner in Korean language. I felt so warm because our forign fans tried to make it in our language. I hope to see something like this in Thailand too.YH : (talked to Jung Shin) Yes of clause! Thai Boices can do it!JH : More over, our fans usually know the schedual before us. I don't know how they do it. They share the schedual to others and follow to cheer us. We are very happy about this.
MC : What is the topic you talk in your free time?JS : Not different from others. We talk about new movie is coming. Shell we go to see the movie together? What will we have for dinner today? What is the concept for our next concert?MH : Few hours ago, Jung Shin listen to a new released song. we talked about the song. Who sang? How about the song? We talk in general things and activities we want to do it together.
MC : So, is there any activity you want to do it together?YH : Actually we always be together no matter when we work or rest. We eat out together and take care each other. We go to see movies. we chat like others do. We have no special activity we would like to do together because we always live togeteher.
MC : If you have to switch your positions, what is the music instrument you want to try?JS : I want to try a guitarist.JH : (imitated Jung Shin introduction) I'm Jong Hyun, the bassist.YH : There is no the position in our band but I want to try for the Recorderist. If I play the recorder. It will be great!If I do it. Please support me :) If I can speak Thai, I beleive all of you will enjoy my gag, very regret for this.MH : I want to try a bassist because Jung Shin is great for this.YH : (Talked to Min Hyk) No! No! You will be great for the vocalist.
MC : You have learnt many Thai sentence. Please teach us some Korean sentence?JS : Kid Thung Pom Mai Krub? (Are you misiing me?) In Korean is 'Pogoshipposeo~~?'Everyone in the conference : 'Pogoshipposeo~~?' (but the accent is not good enough for the teacher)YH : If Jung Shin is the Korean language teacher, it must be great! (everyone in the conference still tried to speak)JH : What we are doing now T.T OK.. let's try something easier. 'Anyeong~~'YH : There's nothing easier than this.JH : Ne~Everyone in the conference : 'Ne~'YH : If you guys go to Korean, this is the only one word you should know.^^ 'Ne~'
MC : Please say 'I love you, Boices in Thailand' in Thai language.CNBLUE : 'Pom Rak Khun! Boices in Thailand'MC : Have you known the meaning?YH : yes, we have. MC : Please say something for your concert tomorrow.YH : Thank you all the press for participating the conference today. Thank you al Thai Boices who gave us the warm welcome at the airport.We did not come to Thailand for a year but there are many press we remember come for us today. We hpoe you to come and enjoy the concert with us. 
Sources : pingbookentertainment .comThai - English Translation : BlueStar@welovecnblue.com

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