Matt Cutts · @mattcutts

3rd May 2013 from TwitLonger

@therealdvorak Just to summarize: Chrome's warning is correct. Your blog is hacked and injecting a malicious iframe on even on error pages.

At the top of the page, the malicious iframe looks like this: <style>.rrfhezo { position:absolute; left:-1012px; top:-681px; }</style> <div class="rrfhezo"><iframe src="" width="420" height="475"></iframe>

I would recommend taking your blog down until you can fix the hack and remove the malware. If you verify at then we'll show you the details we know about the malicious code.

We're just the messenger here--this definitely had nothing to do with anything you wrote about Google. In fact, we recently published a website to help site owners recover from a hacked site:

Getting hacked truly sucks though. I hope you're able to get things cleaned up and in good shape. When you think the site is clean, you can file an appeal at for your hacked site and we'll rescan it for malware. When it's clean, we'll remove the warning in Chrome.

Hope that helps,
Matt Cutts

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